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Alia Bhatt Cute Hairstyle Video Tutorials

Alia Bhatt entered the Bollywood industry at the youngest age. She became a national crush of the country. Alia gauged the eyeballs of all with her impressive acting skills and choosing the roles that were different and challenging than the rest. Her innocence gave her a unique identity amongst hot divas around her. Yet, her aura is unbeatable. She is the one and only Alia Bhatt.

Alia has always put forth her best feet when it comes styling herself and her hair as well. Her hairstyles complement both Indian as well as western attires. Be it being a bad ass diva to a sober Indian naari, she has got all of us covered. Here is a quick in-depth tricks to ace Alia Bhatt cute hairstyles.

1. Alia Bhatt Cute Hairstyle: Headband Braid

This is a very easy hairstyle which looks like one has put in a lot of efforts into achieving the look.

  • Start with taking top section of your hair and clip that away for the time being.
  • Separate one section of the hair above the right ear, tie that away.
  • Take the similar section above the other ear, divide it into two parts and do a rope braid with it.
  • The rope braid is done by twisting the hair sections to the right and crossing it to the left.
  • Do this rope braid all the way to the end of the strand and secure it with the hair tie.
  • Release the hairclip of the top section that we secured earlier. Comb that section to smoothen it.
  • Take the rope braided section and place it over the top smoothened out hair section.
  • Clip the rope braid with a bobby pin at the side, almost above the right ear.
  • Now; taking the hair section that we had tied away earlier above the right ear, comb it and twist it towards the back while covering the bobby pinned end of the rope braid.
  • Stop twisting when you reach the centre of the head at the back. Secure it with a tic tac clip and pull some hair to cover it. Pull out the twist lightly and its done.

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2. Alia Bhatt Cute Hairstyle: Puff Ponytail

  • It’s a sleek yet voluminous style. For this look,
  • You have to take a big chunk of top section. Divide it into various sub-sections and back comb it to give some volume.
  • Use a poof maker, if desired. They are readily available in the market in different sizes. Poof maker has a sponge on the front and its back has the tic tac clip.
  • Part the hair section down in the middle and place 2 poof makers of different sizes on different sections of hair and secure it.
  • Now, flip the hair and comb it to smoothen it making a puff. Comb the poof out a couple of times until you are satisfied with the way it looks.
  • Start twisting the poof towards the front, by doing this it will give the puff a very secure base. Secure the puff with the bobby pin by moving it inwards.
  • Use fingers to go over the puff a couple of times to give it a textured look. With a fine comb, start pushing the puff towards the front to add volume.
  • Now take a fine comb and spray it with a hair spray and then run it backwards through the remaining hair on the sides. The hairspray will smoothen any flyaway or baby hairs that one has. This will give it a sleek look.
  • Take all of this hair into a pony tail. Make sure that the placement of this ponytail is high. Tie it with a hair tie neatly.
  • Now take an inch-thick section from this pony tail and wrap that around the rubber band. Secure its end under the ponytail. Pull the ponytail over it so that it is not seen.
  • Spray hairspray on your hands and tame any frizz or flyaway hair. Open up the puff a little bit with the help of fingers. And we are done.

3. Alia Bhatt Cute Hairstyle: Side French Braid Ponytail

  • Begin by taking a side parting, leave a little hair in the front and take a 2-inch hair section in a square shape just behind it.
  • Divide this chunk into 3 equal parts and do a regular 3 strand braid, where the right goes over the middle and the left goes over the middle strand.
  • Keep doing this all the way to the end of the strand and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Go in and open the braid as we will be passing some hair strands through it later.
  • Now, passing your finger through the sub-section of the braid and pass small hair sections through it that we have left in the front earlier and pull through.
  • Do this step again and again till you have pulled through all the front hair through it and end near the ear. This is an easy hack for anyone who finds it difficult to do a side French braid as it will give a similar look with much ease.
  • Take this braid towards the back and pin it with a tic tac clip. Secure it in place. Cover it with some hair.
  • After that, take all your hair to one side but keep it towards the side that we have parted our hair on. Keep it behind the ear only. Clean the sides using your fingers.
  • Take a rubber band and secure it in a pony tail. Wrap a small section of hair around the rubber band. Tie the end of this strand with the small section of the hair. Hide it under the hair of the ponytail.
  • Pull on the braid slightly to open it up and give it a nice texture. And it is done.

All of these styles are really easy to achieve. These hairstyles will take any look from drab to fab, by giving it a much-needed boost and edge. Alia is true epitome of cuteness and with a keen eye, we can also follow her steps.

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