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A Full Breakdown of Bridal Look of Deepika Padukone

Bridal Look of Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is the daughter of ace badminton player Prakash Padukone and mother Ujjala Padukone. she has a younger sister Anisha Padukone. She has always been known for her elegant and gracious dressing in Bollywood. She debuted in a kannada movie ‘Aishwarya’. She soon grabbed a role in Farah Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ which had Shahrukh Khan as the lead. She won her fir Filmfare Award for Best Debut- Female for the double role in Om Shanti Om. Her movie Cocktail in 2012 won her wide acclaim and was a turning point in her career. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express(both 2013), robbery-comedy Happy New year(2014) as well as the period dramas Bajirao Mastani (2015) and Padmaavat(2018) wee among the highest grossing movies.

Among all this rise to fame, she found her love of life in Ranveer Singh. They recently got married in a lavish two tradition wedding ceremony at Lake Como in Italy. She donned beautiful bridal attire and everyone gaped in awe at each appearance of the beloved lady. We are going look in depth for every detail and try to recreate some of the looks.

Deepika had two weddings on cards. One Konkani traditional wedding and the other was a Sindhi traditional wedding. She looked so good in both of them. First of all we are going to try out the look she donned in her Konkani traditional wedding.

Konkani Traditional Bridal Look of Deepika Padukone

  • First of all take the Adrell medium brown brow promade. Use a flat angled brush to fill in your brows. Fill in the sparse areas. Use the spoolie brush in the end to spread the colour evenly on the brow.
  • Use LA girl Pro concealer in pure beige around the boundaries of your brows. You can use any concealerfeat, matching your skin tone.
  • Put concealer on your eyelids and then apply fit me powder by Maybelline over it. Make sure you apply the concealer in a curved form as your eyes are, or it will go cacky with the time.
  • Now apply Aveeno moisturiser all over your face, except your eyes. Rub it all over your face and neck to prepare your skin.
  • Now use a lip balm over your lips, it acts as a base to further procedure.
  • Now apply elf pore less primer on your face. Rub it all over your face. It is good and quite inexpensive.
  • Use cover girl healthy elixir for the foundation of your make-up. Apply it with the help of hip-dot kabuki brush.
  • For the contour we are using the LA Girl pro concealer in bronze colour. Use it on your cheekbones and your nose.
  • Use a beige concealer and beauty sponge under your eyes to hide your dark circles. Now apply loose powder to bake it.
  • Now going back to the eye make-up,
  • Take a peach transition and brush it underneath your brow arch. Take a brown transition eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelid using an ELF concealer brush. Take smaller blending brush for better reach to the crease. Now line your eyes using kohl from Jordana. Use the matte black eyeliner to line the upper lid. Use a darker shade of brown to do the outer edge of your eye. Curl your natural eyelashes. Apply bigshot mascara from Maybelline.
  • Use bay Folan faux mink lashes. Apply them carefully on the upper eyelid. Use mega length mascara by wet and wild on the lower lashes.
  • Moving onto the lips, use Jordana lipliner in suede brown colour.
  • Use wet and wild make-up hold spray to keep your make-up intact.
  • Place a bindi to complete the look.
  • She had worn silver jewellery. If you want to look exactly like her then you may buy jewellery similar hers from the market and don it.

For better understanding of this make-up look up:

Now we are going to try out her Sindhi wedding look.

Sindhi Bridal Look of Deepika Padukone

  • Apply coconut skin soothing primer to prepare your skin for the matte look. It provides your skin with the right amount of sheen and radiance. Apply lip balm to prepare lips.
  • Now use Faced Born This way foundation for the perfect balance of the matte and hydrating look. Buy it in sand colour. Apply it on your brush and start. Buff it onto your skin very lightly. Beware of applying too much foundation as then the it may go cakey
  • Go with the sharp tape for the dark circles. Apply Too Faced Born this Way concealer below the eyes. Also apply on top of your eyelids.
  • Use Mac Studio fix powder to bake it. Use a big fluffy brush to apply the powder.
  • Spray a bit of Mac studio Fix it spray solution to melt the make-up into your skin.
  • For the blush take up the Tarte blush called party. Apply it onto your cheekbones using a medium sized brush.
  • Fill in your brows if you have thin brows. You need to use an angular brush for that.
  • Now take up a gel liner for the upper lash line. Use a brush to even out the liner. You also need to brush it outwards at the edges for that smoky look. Take up the Huda Beauty matte eyeshadow set. Now start brushing a transition shade onto your eyes. Now use a deeper brown and apply it on the eyelids. Now apply the gel liner on the lower lash. Keep it light. Now apply the black eyeshadow on the crease of the upper eyelid. Now use a gold eyeshadow to complete the eye make-up. Now use a curler to curl your natural lashes. Use a mascara on top of that. You can also wear fake lashes, if you want.
  • Now for the lips, go for the Sephora number 4 for the right shade. Use a lip colour by Victoria’s Secret in a brown shade. Wipe of the excess lip colour.
  • Apply your bindi to get the complete look.
  • You can buy jewellery similar to Deepika’s and rock it.

For better understanding of this beautiful make-up description look up:

Now we are going to try out her Sindhoor look.

Sindhoor Look of Deepika Padukone

  • As Deepika’s brows are so full, we are going to use Adrell medium brow promade to fill in and shape the brows.
  • Now take the LA girl Pro Concealer to clean the edges of the brows and use it as a primer on the eyelids. To avoid creasing on the eyelids, use airspun loose powder.
  • As she is a new bride, she kept her look dewy and glowing. Keeping it simple and glowing will be the main focus. For that dewy sunny look use a face contour moisturiser.
    Apply a lip balm to your lips to keep them fresh.
  • For the primer use a Nex photo loving primer onto your face. It has a sticky feel so it sticks to the foundation and keeps it from falling away.
  • For that dewy glow we can either use an illuminator or a face oil. We are using an illuminator in this tutorial.
  • First of all apply the illuminator and spread it on the face. After this step apply the foundation over it.
  • Use a contour stick to get the perfect shape and dimensions. Use it to the very minimum but apply it to get the perfect look.
  • Now apply LA girl Pro conceal on the heights of your face. Use a smaller blending sponge on the smaller edges. Apply the air spun loose powder under the eyes to set the concealer.
  • For the eye make-up we are going for Jaclyn Hill Morphe Pallete. We are choosing the obsessed shade for it.
  • Apply it all Over the eyelid. Use Mfeo for the depth of the eyelid.
  • Rub off the loose powder from below the eyes. Now use Jordana eyeliner at the waterline of the eyes. Deepika surely had kaajal on her eyes.
  • Apply a liner on the Top lash line. Create a small wing at the end.
  • Now curl your lashes and apply mascara from wet and wild. Now apply falsies from faux wink. These are really good natural looking falsies.
  • It is hard to tell if she had blush on her face but we are going to use a very light blush from Jordana in peach colour. Apply it to the sponge and spread it on the Cheek bone.
  • Use a plush plum shade of lip liner from Jordana to line and fill in your lips.
  • Seal your make-up with wet and wild make-up spray.
  • For the hair, centre part your hair and then tie a ponytail at the back. Start twisting and rolling your hair.
  • Secure it with bobby pins. Seal your hair with Tresseme smooth and silky shine spray.
  • Now apply bindi to complete the look. Get yourself a banarasi dupatta and conplete it with jhumkas and sindhoor at your centre part.

For better understanding of this beautiful tutorial look up:

Hope you liked bridal look of Deepika Padukone. Keep reading with Fashionshala for other amazing articles and tutorials.

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