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Deepika Padukone Hairstyle Tutorials

The first thing that changes your entire look is how you style your hair.Your hairstyle not only depends on your outfit but also your face shape,occasion ,the length of your hair etc.So here we have some glamorous hairstyle tutorials inspired by the timeless style icon Deepika padukone.

So pick any style according to your appearance and personality and rule any look flaunting your individuality.

FIRST YOU NEED – Rubber band, clature, bobby pins, U pins, hairspray,comb and a puff bumpit clip

Messy Bun Hairstyles With Saree

Messy bun is the trendiest and effortless hairstyle that will rule any look if you know how to do it hence here we have a guide for you.

1. The full volume messy bun

  • First comb your hair and smoothen it gently
  • Tease the roots with the comb at the top to give it volume
  • Then while smoothening it gently make the front part into a puff and clip it as it gives the bun a fuller look and not a flat look.
  • Then take your hair back and tie a ponytail while pushing hair towards back for more volume.
  • Twist the ponytail with your hands
  • Then wrap it around high and secure it with bobby pins under to set it.
  • Play with the bun a bit while loosening the back using two fingers to pull out the hair strands.
  • You can also complete the hairdo using hairspray to set it and voylla!Your messy bun is done.

2. The twisted messy bun

This one is very simple

  • Again comb your hair
  • Then take the hair up for a ponytail
  • Twist it around
  • Now wrap it up in a bun with a rubberband.
  • Now pull out the bun a bit to make it bigger.
  • Loosen the hair in the front and you are done.

3. Easy knot messy bun

  • Now make a ponytail just as the previous one
  • Then with the left hand while twisting it make a knot.
  • Then tie a rubberband and secure it all over with bobby pins.
  • Lastly play with the hair for more volume and your beauty bun is complete!

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Everyday High Ponytail Hairstyles with Puff

Everyday High ponytail hairstyle with puff for school,college and work. Ponytails are also go to chic style you can opt for anytime and anywhere.

For the first look

  • Comb your hair first then back comb your front section of hair.
  • Take that section of hair making it a puff while inserting a clip inwards as it will stay much longer.
  • Now take a pointed comb and back comb your entire hair upwards neatly and tightly.
  • Run your fingers to remove any baby hair you have
  • Then take good quality cotton rubber band and not plastic rubber band as it breaks the hair
  • And taking two rubber bands tie up the ponytail
  • Tighten the ponytail upward for a neat look
  • Now take one section of the ponytail from the side and wrap it around securing a u-pin or bobby pin under
  • Finally apply hairspray to complete the look!

For the second look

  • To curl your ponytail a bit push it backwards with the hand to give a fuller look.
  • Now smoothen it out with a comb
  • Then divide the ponytail into two halves and insert a clature near to your hair colour under it
  • Now pull out the hair and play a bit for perkiness that Deepika has in her hairstyles also don’t forget to pull out the front hair section for a more messy look.

For the third hairstyle

  • Now with the same ponytail take a side section of hair and make a 3 strand simple braid
  • Continue the braid till the end and tie it with a rubber band
  • Now pull out the braid a bit to loosen it and its complete.

Elegant Ponytail Hairstyle With Puff

  • For this back comb your hair then place the comb at the middle of your eyebrows making a centre partition make sure its right in the middle.
  • Flatten the rest of the hair sideways and tuck it behind
  • Take the rest of the hair backwards with your comb clipping it away
  • Now tie the rest of the section into ponytail to work individually
  • Back comb and smoothen the top section of the hair
  • Take a medium bumpit clip placing it on the head rubbing it backwards for a secure base and now clip it to the hair from the both side securing it
  • Now comb the hair over it making a puff and combing it
  • Twist the hair and clip it
  • Tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail secure it with a rubber band
  • Remove the butterfly pin and secure it with a bobby pin
  • Play with the hair while taking a particular section wrapping it around securing with bobby pin
  • Now play with the ponytail running fingers backward for more bouncy look
  • Smoothen it at the end with fingers and you are good to go!

And this is it guys,now that you have learnt some cool hairstyles,I know you might have picked your favourite one in your mind as well so don’t forget to experiment for your next look after all life is too short to not change that old hairstyle.Go girl glam it up!

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