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How To Grow Hair Longer and Thicker – Naturally and Faster

In this era of hustling lifestyle, when everyone’s utmost priority is their work, some important physical attributes of ours often get lost in the shuffle. After the dust and pollution that city life blows on us, our body demands more attention and engrossment from our end.

Our skin goes dull, dark circles boundary the eyes and one of the most important part of our look- our hair, start diminishing faster than ever. Spotting a few stray hair on your hair comb is natural, but when an alarming amount of hair gets entangled in the hair brush, it demands your paramount attention and care.

What do I do now? Do I need to go to a doctor straight away? Will I go bald?

Fortunately, we have got you covered. Follow these basic remedies and give yourself and your hair some time, rather than waiting for a miracle tablet.

How To Grow Hair Longer – Get your basics right!

The swamped lifestyle you possess allows you with time to merely wash your hair, but oiling it properly might not even be a part of consideration. Even if you do oil your hair regularly, chances are you don’t apply it the right way. So, what is the right way? All you need to do is add 2-3 spoons of castor oil, or any other oil that is available, in a bowl, now heat it until reaches a lukewarm temperature. This warmish oil nourishes your scalp in the best possible way as the goodness of oil penetrates the scalp and nourishes it from within. Now part your hair in little sections and massage the oil evenly over your scalp. Note that, you primarily apply oil on your hair scalp as it would be far more beneficial, than applying it on hair length. Follow this pointer and you’re bound to end up with shiny, velvety hair.

The right time to shampoo

We all have been through the time when morning shampoos had left us late for job. The lousy process of drying it after washing leaves us with no choice but to harshly stroke it with towel or use a hairdryer. Stop this please! First and foremost, never comb your hair when they’re wet. Also note that shampooing at most twice a week is adequate for your hair, exceeding this limit may deprive your hair of its natural oil. Now, instead of punishing your hair in the early hours, why not cleanse them a night before? Let them dry naturally and avoid all the rush that may befall.

Conditioner? No Make time.

Ever felt that roughness on skin that your soap leaves you with after taking a bath? Yes your scalp feels it too after you shampoo your hair. To restore all the moisture that faded after shampooing, a conditioner is must. Don’t worry, all it takes is a coin-sized amount of conditioner, rub it on your palm and start applying it on your hair length in a downward direction while crunching the hair simultaneously. After five minutes, clean it and feel the gloss and elegance the conditioner gifted your hair.

Hair Mask > Hair Spa

Did the weekdays make your hair feel dry and dead? Well, a hair mask can rescue you this weekend. Apply it once a week and see what wonders it can create. But, where do you get it?

No worries, your everyday buddies Curd and Eggs are here to save you! Pour 8 teaspoons of curd and 2 eggs in a bowl and mix them well to form a paste. What? Can’t use eggs? You may use aloe vera gel instead, which will perform the same function. Now before applying this, make your hair wet so that open hair shafts will complement the nourishment of the mask. Apply the mask on wet hair and leave it for about 30 minutes. Now rinse your hair and feel the difference.

Or another basic kitchen ingredient is here to save you- Rice!

How To Grow Hair Longer with Rice

Take 2 cups of rice and wash them thoroughly. Now, boil the rice in 2 big cups of water for exactly 5 minutes, such that the rice don’t soak all the water. The water that carries all the nutrition that rice possesses, has to be strained away quickly. Take the filtered rice water and leave it to cool. Now apply the rice water on a dry scalp and gradually on the hair length. Massage your hair for about 5 minutes and leave them for 20 more minutes. Hair masks are easy to manage and give outstanding results. After 20 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and you’re good to go.

Aloe vera Hair Oil – Grandma’s home remedy!

Silky, smooth and feathery hair await you as you apply this homemade aloe oil! For this, cut a few aloe vera leaves into bitty pieces. Then, pour half a cup coconut oil in a pan and add the already chopped aloe vera pieces to it. Mix them well and heat the mixture until it boils, which would be roughly 2 minutes. Make sure not to overheat the mixture or the nutrition it carries might not remain as effective. Let it cool down and strain the mixture in a clean bowl afterwards. To give your hair the needed health, take 2 Vitamin E capsules, extract their gel and mix it well with the filtered oil. Apply it on your scalp and hair, and after a couple of days wash it with a mild shampoo. Watch the video to get a better insight. Piece of cake! Continuous application would turn out to be really gainful.

Keep your diet right

A healthy protein rich diet is as important as any external application. Add things like spinach, beetroot, pomegranate, lentils, beans, dark chocolates and nuts to your everyday diet. Avoid alcohol, stress and engage in yoga and meditation daily. Not only are they beneficial for your body, but will do wonders to your hair too.

Natural hair growth can be boosted by these easy to execute tips. So, when are you planning to initiate these aids and remedies to welcome healthier, voluminous, manageable and happier hair?

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