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Pre-Wedding Photography Poses

Pre wedding photography :

Now a days it is trendy to do Pre wedding shoot. So everyone wants to capture their memories before marriage because after marriage your life takes a new turn :

A terrace shoot:

Choose a skyscraper building and click your photographs there. You’ll just love it. To make the photos random or candid, keep some food material near you and if you aren’t afraid of your parents or your parents are very cool then you can keep hukkah or a wine bottle near you. These things give a very beautiful look to your photos. You can either lie down on your partner or you both can look into each others eyes. Make sure background is pretty enough to make the photo look realistic.

Image Source: The Videowala


High rising waves, a cool breeze,  sunset and feet in water. What else do you need for a wedding shoot?

You can either raise her into your arms or else hold her in your arms. Wear light dresses in a sea shore photography. Also remember to wear light color dress and make it will look soothe and simple as well.  Look into her eyes and smile. Your feet should be there in water to give a romantic look. Or else you both can sit holding each others hand and feet under water. Remember sun should be at your back so that it makes the photo look superficial.

Image Source: White Frog Productions

Flower kissed photography :

This is also a very romantic type photo. Hiding behind a flower and showing a glimpse of your face also looks beautiful. Girl can wear bold make up in this photography. Boy needs to be look like gentleman because everyone will see these photos. They both should look in each others eyes. If you want to click your photographs in sunlight then you can also wear goggles. That will make you look smart. Make sure the flower is big enough to hide your lips and cheeks but should be small enough to show at least some of your faces so that people may recognise you.


Image Source: Oragraphy

A road side view :

If the weather is fine that is the sun is behind clouds and its like rainy season type then you can go for road side photography on highway or some silent place away from hustle bustle of the town. Clouds in sky will add beauty to this photo. It will look like a long drive photography. Wear something in black and bold makeup is important for pre wedding shoot. You both should look in each others eyes and girl can sit on your lap. It will be better if you sit near your car. It will enhance the grace of your pic.

Image Source: Oragraphy

Over excitement photography :

This is very common pose nowadays for Pre-Wedding photography    Girl needs to wear something shining in golden or silver colour. So if she’s wearing golden then red or black colour shirt or blazer will go well with it. Curly hair of girl will look splendid. And the most important thing is dupatta in air will give it a filmy look. Wear bold makeup in this pose. Boy need to take her up in his arms. They both should smile gently and should look happy. Girl can wear long earrings. 2-3inches heels will go perfectly with a long evening gown. 

A shoot in Paris :

If you guys want a shoot in some foreign country then a shoot near Eiffel tower is best. As we know Paris is a place meant for couples so you can obviously go there for your pre wedding shoot. Wear a saree in Paris and influence everyone by the ethnicity of India. If you are bold enough then you can also pose a kissing pose. That will show your strong bond and will make your photo a different one and moreover a romantic one. Either the girl can smile or she can pose like a shy one which will make it appear more natural.

Image Source: Cinelove Productions

With your pet:

Sometimes room photography also looks nice. Decorate your room with fairy lights of golden colour. It really looks very beautiful. If you guys love your pet then you can go for a photoshoot with that. It look very cool to click your photographs with dogs cats or any other pet. You can lie down and keep your pet in middle and just act to play with it. It will give a proper pose for pre wedding photography. You can wear some simple yet pretty dresses as your pics will be seen by everyone.

Image Source: Clicks Unlimited

Sea Side photos :

we all know when we go for a date we normally choose something in red colour do why not this time? Red is a colour of love. You can wear a long or a short red dress. Don’t wear a tight dress. It will make you feel uncomfortable. Because normally near sea shore loose dresses are worn by people. Boy can take the girl in his arms and hold her high. Don’t let her feet touch the ground. Boy’s feet should be somewhat under water. Girl can even wear a tiara, it will add beauty to your pics. This pic needs to be taken after sunset but there should be enough light to capture your emotions. Weather should be cool as your mood depends on it to sone extent.

Image Source: The Videowala

With a beautiful cycle :

If you want a very unique and different photoshoot then this will be best. Very rarely you find pre wedding shoot on cycles but it gives a very classy look. Girl can wear a short frock or skirt will also go with this but should be of light colour. Boy can sit on the seat of cycle and girl in front of him and facing him. You can decorate your cycle with flowers. Girl can put her hands on his shoulder and boy can hold her waist.

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