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New Antique Gold Pearl Necklace Designs

With the onset of a new year, a new life is also ready to begin for many. The wedding season is just around the corner and everyone is hustling and bustling to get everything to perfection.

Where there are many articles flooding the internet with all the bridal wears, there is also a very important thing that is a must-have for the brides and it is jewellery. Let your family and friends take care of the other wedding duties and you come on a ride with us to get sorted with your jewellery.

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. As a woman, it is not very difficult to say. And you never know when a woman falls in love with jewellery. There is no perfect time or age for this. Whenever you feel low or frustrated, jewellery is something that can instantly lift up your mood.

Wedding being a very propitious occasion in every woman’s life, it is very necessary for them to look their best on their big day. A woman dreams about her wedding day since childhood. Who can forget the classic movie The Bride Wars? So everything needs to be on point, be it the outfit or venue or jewellery.

We have provided many articles stating what you can wear on your big day. Today in this article we are going to share with you some jewellery pieces that are going to grab the eyeballs of your audience. So if you are interested and want to keep your guests intrigued, then stay with us.

Instead of cracking your brain and drenching in sweat to find that perfect necklace that fits your outfit, stay back at home and relax. And keep browsing through this article to get the best of the best!

Fifteen gold and pearl jewellery designs:

1. Long chain set design:

This is a very pretty bridal set design. It has a double-layered gold beaded chain with a heavy kundan pendant in the middle. The pendant also has a circular design made entirely of gold and it is finished off with pearls at the bottom. It also comes with matching jhumkas and maang tika. Looks good with square or sweetheart neckline blouse.

2. Choker necklace design:

The choker is one of the trendiest design you can find. There are varieties of chokers available in the market. But here we have gold and pearl choker. With 14 to 16 inches long, it is worn close to the neck. It goes well with sarees, lehengas or even with formal wear. This choker has gold chains with pearls at the bottom. It is also embedded with emeralds and rubies to go well with all of your outfits. It comes with matching gold and pearl-studded earring, a ring and bangles. Looks good with V neck blouses and also adds a trendy touch with strapless blouse.

3. Collar necklace design:

This is the most basic style of necklace designs. It sits right at the collar bone level. It is the most flattering design with the most flattering length. Covers your neck well, hence suited for all necklines. The necklace here has a double-stranded gold chain with gold beads in the middle and it is finished off with pearls. This gives you a rich and elegant look. It comes with matching gold and pearl jhumkas, pearl-studded bangles and a ring. It goes best with low necklines in order to make the jewellery piece stand out.

4. Matinee necklace:

A very authentic and sophisticated necklace design is this. Usually 20 to 22 inches long, it sits right above the bust area. The long thread attached to the necklace could also be adjusted as per your required length. This is so versatile that you can use it as a choker as well. This naturally looks good with plunging neckline but due to its versatility, you can pair this with a dozen other outfits. The necklace here has an intricate gold chain design with pearls attached at the end. It also comes with a matching box-shaped earrings which add to its authenticity. Goes well with round or scoop blouses. The blouse should have enough space to make the jewellery pop out.

5. Copper design necklace:

This is a very traditional and unique necklace design. It is also an adjustable necklace, so you can adjust the thread according to your desire. This necklace has a chain of gold beads followed by an intricate copper design, which is then finished off by embedded pearls. It also comes with oversized matching studs. Looks best with square or round necks.

6. Layered necklace design:

This is again a very simple but elegant design. It has two strands of diamonds embedded and a strand of pearl in the middle. It also has some leaf detailing on each side to make it more charming. Made entirely of diamonds and pearls, this is surely a bridal favourite. Looks best with all necklines. It is such a multipurpose piece.

7. Stringed pearls necklace design:

This lavish necklace is an absolute delight to wear. Look at that multi-stringed pearl chains, are they not beautiful? This design is an absolute eye-catcher. The beautifully layered pearl strings are long enough to reach until your waist. They come with matching earrings, so go for this without a doubt if you want to try something trendy and bring in the old vibes. Looks best with deep neck blouses.

8. Gold beads necklace designs:

These type of necklaces are also known as rani haar. They are long necklace either with a single or double layer strings. They are layered with a choker necklace and a long necklace with a pendant in the middle. This necklace has chains of gold heads and a pendant with pearl attached at the bottom. It also comes with matching earrings, pearl-studded bangles, a ring and maang tika. This looks best with V neck blouses and if your attire is simple and solid then go for this necklace. It will make a statement out of your otherwise bland outfit.

9. Tiered chain necklace:

This is a very unique design and has become very popular among brides since ages. This has six layers of-strings with woven pearls and gems. It also has little jhumkas attached at the end. It also comes with matching earrings. They look best with low or sweetheart necklines and are also capable of making a statement. They also come in various versions like three-stringed, five-stringed it even seven-stringed.

10. The golden charm:

Look at that shine girl! Isn’t it gorgeous? This a must have for the brides. This is also pretty similar to the rain hear, except it does not have any pendant. It is also layered with a choker and a long chain with woven pearls at the end. It comes with matching earrings, a ring, bangles and anklets. Looks best with yoke design or plain blouses.

11. Emarld and ruby studded necklace design:

This is similar to the copper necklace we mentioned above. This only has added gems to it. The ruby and emerald gems woven in the middle adds charm to this otherwise beautiful necklace. It comes with matching earrings. Looks best with low cut or square blouses. It can be worn during mehendi or sangeet as well.

12. Diamond encrusted gold design:

This is one of my favourites. This is entirely made of gold and diamonds. Look how intricately the diamonds are embedded in those gold loops. It comes with a matching earring which has pearl drops at the end. Looks best with plunging necklines to maintain the maintain the charm of the piece. Also, opt for softer hues to make this piece stand out.

13. Beaded necklace design:

This is another subtle yet statement piece. It falls a little above the bust and looks beautiful. It has pearl studded all over with huge gold beads attached at the end. Looks good with high neck or low neck and all kinds of necklines. It also comes with matching jhumkas to complete the look.

14. Intricate necklace design:

This is like a choker but is not a choked. It falls somewhere between a choker and a collar necklace. It falls a little below yoir collar bone. This has multistranded woven chains with pearls attached at the end. It comes with matching jhumkas, bangles and a ring. Looks best with square neckline, plunging necklines and deep necklines.

15. Pearl and ruby design:

This is a very simple yet traditional jewellery. This is entirely made of pearls. This has small pearls woven in a circular shape with a ruby embedded in between. It also has a pearl drop in the middle. It also comes with matching jhumkas. Can be paired with low necklines and can even be worn on very casual occasions.

You must own a brazillion different types of necklaces but are still confused about what to wear on your big day. So here are some options you could consider before going crazy. These are really popular and trendy designs for bridal wear. Hope you enjoyed this. For more updates like this, stay tuned to FashionShala.

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