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Style Tips From Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor

Everyone wants to dress up like bollywood celebrities. So here is the way you can style yourself with the help of Sonam Kapoor’s style tips. Shine like a pro with her dressing sense and her makeup styles.


1. A baggy t-shirt:

Perfect for winters. Everyone wants a comfortable dress so what is better than a loose t-shirt? It keeps you warm in winter as well as comfortable also. If you want to go outside for a nice walk or for picnic then is perfect for such purposes. You can wear hanging earrings or studs with it. Jeans, leggings or lowers will go with this. You can tie your hair in a bun or a high ponytail. Wear light makeup with it. You can wear either a light pink lipstick or gloss.

2. Check pattern dress.

Old is gold. We all know many years ago fashion of check was very common but history repeats itself so nowadays check pattern is trendy again. Wear this mainly in summers to look cool. Want to go outside in sun in summers? What is better than a midi or a gown? So try this outfit. You will definitely like it. Wear the chains as Sonam Kapoor is wearing in the picture given below. You can try goggles because they look nice and classy when you roam around in sun. Carry a mini bag with you to keep your essentials with you. You can do a loose ponytail to appear elegant. Wear a pair of bangles in one hand which somewhat matches your chains.

3. Furry jacket

This is the outfit you can wear on any occasion like outings, dates, birthdays or parties. It’s a very beautiful and graceful dress. You can wear this unique jacket with jeans top or with jumpsuit. Wear studs and dark shade lipstick. You can also wear goggles. And yes always remember to wear a belt with the jumpsuit to look dignified. You can carry a sling bag with you. It would be better if it matches with the colour of your belt. You can open your hair and comb them to one side for this getup.

4. A red colored top:

Having a fair complexion? Then what is stopping you to wear bright red dresses with deep neck. Look at the neck of this top. Doesn’t it look a little different from what you have seen many a times?

Yes it is. It is somewhat a heart shaped neck with few studs on its sides. It gives a very hot and pretty look. Wear dark red or light red lipstick with it. If you want more coverage then go for bright red colour. You can also colour your hair golden or blonde to perfectly match this dress. It’s a kind of crop top so go for a high waste black coloured damaged jeans. Or if you want a low waist Jean will also look sexy with it.

5. An aesthetic saree :

Wanna wear something Indian? Then why don’t you go for this outfit of sonam kapoor? It’s such a distinctive saree. The blouse is in contrast with the saree. The full sleeves blouse is giving it a very special look. If you are bored with open hair, loose and high ponytails and bun then this hairstyle is just meant for you. This gives you a somewhat punjabi look. You can try this hairstyle with a patiala suit also. Gone are the days when you used to wear a matching blouse with your saree.  Wear bold makeup with it. Dark shade lipstick, proper wing liner, blush, kajal, highlighter is important for this outfit to look classy.

6. A proper makeup :

Wanna wear a smoky eye and bold make up? Then look at the makeup of sonam kapoor in this image. Tie your hair in a tight bun. Wear eyeliner as well as kajal. Use the black grey and white colour for your eyeshadow. Also wear a small bindi. Remember to wear something different in your ears. Like a pair of big earrings golden or silver or the pair of earrings matching with your ethnic dress.

7. On beach :

Everyone wears light dresses on beach or you can say people prefer to wear short dresses on sea sides. But if you want to look different and exceptional then go for wearing a saree with a tight bun on sea side or on beaches. Indian culture is way different from western culture. But yes remember to wear a simple and a classy saree there without any embroidery or without any precious stones over it. Also wear a very light makeup just to enhance your features a little. The colour of your saree shouldn’t be bright. It should be of colour like white, light pink etc.

8. A party dress :

Confused about what to wear in a very special party or kitty water? Then go for this sophisticated dress of Sonam kapoor. It’s sleeves are so different from ordinary and thereby giving it a very special look. You won’t find anyone in party wearing a dress like you. You’ll be the spotlight of the party. Wear studs in your ears. Also don’t forget to wear rings on two or three fingers. Wear light light makeup with it. This dress properly enhances your figure. Tie a high ponytail with this dress.

9. A pink dress up :

Well people say pink is especially meant for girls and girls love pink. But it’s not correct. Yes pink is a good colour but according to people it is not a bold choice or a classy choice. So here is the way you can make it a classy and elegant choice. Wear a small pink waist coat and above it wear a long pink coat which matches with that colour. You’ll easily find such dresses. It gives a kind of formal as well as party wear look. Remember to wear a dark shade lipstick different from pink,red. Like you can wear a dark purple shade or brown shade. Straighten your hair to look exclusive and comb them to one side. Try to match the colour of your lipstick with the colour of your nail paint. Wet a high heels with this outfit.

10. Decoration with precious jewels :

Wanna go to cousin’s marriage or any other party with a different ethnic look? Then this style is ideal for you. Tie your hair in a tight bun. If you are wearing a silver dress then go for silvery jewellery. Actually precious stones of silver colour looks classy. Wear the studs of that type which somewhat matches with the precious stones of your dress. Wear bold makeup with it and smoky eyes are essential for this get up. Don’t forfeit to wear silver rings.

Hope you enjoyed these style tips. I am sure you might have already selected your favourite tips.For more fashion updates stay tuned to FashionShala.

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