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Gorgeous Payal Designs For Brides

In this fast paced world, everything is constantly changing and so is women’s fashion. But one thing that has not changed is traditions. India is so full of different cultures and traditions, that it is highly visible during a wedding. In the attires, in the settings and everything about an Indian wedding is special.

Anklets are always on trend. No matter what age or type you are, anklets are always liked by everyone. The quirky look and the sweet music is enough to make you fall in love. These are also considered as an auspicious gift for new born or newlywed brides. It is also an epitome of femininity and grace.

It is also propitious to wear an anklet on your wedding. It is not just a style but also a ritual. An wedding being the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life, it is really important to wear an anklet on wedding.

There are millions of anklets available in this while wide world today. But even though styles and designs have changed, traditions have not. Anklets are still worn on most traditional and special occasions. And what can be more special than your own wedding, right??

We have talked a lot about bridal wears and jewellery and all of that. In this article we are going to talk about footwear. Well, literally not foot but ankle. We are going to take you through some gorgeous anklet designs. If you are already into it, you will love it. And if you are not a fan, well in that case, you are just about to fall for something new.

1. Silver anklet with toe rings:

This anklet is quite old and traditional .It is made entirely of silver. It has a normal anklet band which fastens around your ankle and then it has attached toe rings. The rings are attached with the help of silver strings. It also has multi coloured stones for extra detailing. Looks best with traditional sarees or lehngas.

2. Metal anklets:

This is an age old anklet design. It is made of oxidised metal and it is preferred by women widely. This is because it has a long life and is quite sturdy. They come in variety of shapes and sizes. But this classic design has always been a favourite. It has a chain around the anklet with attached beads. More like a ghungroo but not as wide as it. This still holds an inclination among all those trendy designs.

3. Diamond studded anklet:

Diamond is an element of sophistication and embodies elite. This seductive piece will not allow you to keep you eyes off of it. It has series of gold chains adorned with diamonds and gold beads hanging at the bottom. Looks picture perfect and you will die to have this in your wedding collection. This up a notch your entire attire, this is an instant favourite of all the brides.

4. Pearl strings anklet:

How can a jewellery not have pearls in it?? Pearls have always been associated with class and sophistication. This anklet has gold beads that fastens around your anklet and then has a series of pearl strings like a crochet. It also has an attached toe ring to enhance its beauty. Perfect for every occasion and every bride, this is going to grab all the attention.

5. Classic anklet:

This is very classic anklet design that you can find all over the market. It has a wide metallic band generally made of silver and some small beads hanging at the bottom. This owes its popularity since our grandmothers. And if you happen to be surrounded by a lot of ladies in the house, you are most likely to have come across this anklet.

6. Silver beaded anklet:

These types of anklets are always apn demand. They are so detailed and there is so much going on that it covers your entire foot. Made of sterling silver, it has a wide anklet band. This is then attached to a heart shaped solid motif in the middle which in turn is attached to several silver strings finished off with toe rings. Very heavy and very popular, these are perfect for those who wants to make their foot appear wider.

7. Polki anklet design:

While we still have classic anklets flourishing, we also have anklets with a touch of modernity. It you are not some who goes gaga over heavy duty traditional jewellery, this is perfect for you. It has sleek gold chains with diamonds embedded and gold drops at the bottom popularly known as ghungroo. Sleek and dainty this has rapidly become a favourite of the brides. Pair it with some matching hues to compliment the anklet.

8. The emerald charm:

This is such a piece that you can not have enough of. It is gorgeous in terms of style and design. Made mainly of oxidised silver, it has a wide anklet band with intricate design and a beautiful emerald in the middle. Attached with a sliver string which finishes as a toe ring, it also has the gem studded in the floral motif of the string. Looks super pretty, this is definitely a head turner.

9. Gold anklet:

When we are talking of jewellery, how can we not talk about gold?? Gold is the foundation of all jewellery, and if you are also a gold lover, we just have something for you. This anklet is made profusely of gold and it gives you a gold rush. Super appealing and chic, this is a must have for all the brides out there. You can also go for this anklet if you are newlywed. This even goes well for all wedding functions.

10. As red as ruby:

The charming ruby is going to get you hypnotised. The red gem stone in the middle seems to be catching the eye everytime you look at it. Otherwise made of diamonds, this entire piece is going yo leave you breathless. This stunning piece has everything you need and is still going to leave you ask for more. This is such a piece that you can not have enough of and it is going to leave your audience intrigued.

Hope you have enjoyed this breathtaking anklet tour. If you have already selected your favourite, good for you. And if you have not, then what are you waiting for?? Do it, and do it now. Before time runs out. If you liked this article, then for more updates stay tuned to FashionShala.

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