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18 Cotton Saree Blouse Designs

Cotton Saree Blouse Designs!

Summers are just about to hit us! In this season of sun, sweat and all the hassle, cotton is the most comfortable fabric that you can find on Earth! From office wear to parties, this is going to be your best friend.

Apart from being comfortable and stylish, they are a very integral part of any women’s wardrobe. On that being said many of you might ask yourselves that there is nothing much we could do with cotton sarees?? Even the blouses are boring and outdated. How are we supposed to wear this on festive occasions??

So if you are many of those who underestimate cotton sarees, let me tell you, you are wrong. There is a huge variety of different styles that you could opt for. As for the blouses there is a wide spectrum of different styles available. You don’t believe us. We will show that you right in a moment.

The designer blouses are very on trend. The unique necks and back designs are taking over the fashion world rapidly. So here are 18 trendy blouse designs that you can pull off with cotton saree.

Cotton Saree Blouse Designs

1. Backless blouse with tie up:

This is the most trendy blouse design now. The blouse usually has a deep open back with a thread tie up for support. This blouse if perfect if you are bored of traditional and conventional type of blouses.If you also want to flaunt that perfectly groomed back of yours, go for it. Not only Cotton, but everything from Silk to Chiffon will look good. Go for traditional jewellery to complete the look.

2. Key hole back neck design:

This is one of the simple yet stylish blouse designs. Since the back of the blouse is the most visible, the designers have put too much of thought into it. This blouse has a little hole at the back with hook fastening on the top. From traditional prints to checks to everything fancy is a part if this design family.

3.V neck back with Dori:

These blouses have a very sensuous appeal. The plunging V neckline with the thread tie up on top, takes this simple blouse to a whole another level. This blouse is perfect for bridal as well as festive wear. Top it up with some traditional jewellery to finish the look.

4.Back slit opening blouse design:

This is yet another simple blouse design. It does not have too much to show other than the simple slit at the back. This is a much slimmer version of a keyhole design. You can pair this with any saree to decide its look. Either fir work or for a more fancy evening this look compliments all occasion.

5. Round neck back with tassels:


This blouse has subtle yet trendy design. It has a round back opening with tassels hanging from the top, to give this a festive look. It has hook fastening at the front rather than the back, making it easier to wear. Complete this traditional look with some traditional jewellery.

 6. Pot neck back design:

This has an interesting back detail. It has a cutout at the back in the shape of a pot and has a hook fastening at the top and bottom. The bottom is merely a strap and the whole back is open. It further has cap sleeves to make it more outstanding.

7. Plunging V neck blouse with buttons:

This blouse is yet another sensuous blouse design. It has a very deep V neck at the back and has some buttons for extra detailing. Pair it up with heavy and solid sarees to compliment the blouse. Wear subtle jewellery and hair tied in a bun to flaunt the design.

8. Patch work blouse design:

This blouse has a lot of creativity put into it. It basically has two segments of clothes stitched together. The top half is a sheer embroidered fabric and the bottom half is your usual blouse fabric. Wear this with solid sarees with matching borders to compliment the blouse. Finish of with your favourite jhumkas.

9. Faux bow backless blouse:

If you are not confident enough in tying a bow at your back and you need a helper every time. This blouse is an ultimate saviour for you. The already made bow makes it super easy to wear. Go for experimental sleeves like lace or sheer elbow length or quarter length. Pair it with subtle jewellery but avoid any neckpiece .

10. Square back with thread:

This is the most common and most favourable blouse design of all women. You must definitely be out of words when you see this. Simple and subtle with borders all over and that little thread tie at the top makes it a little extra than usual. With all these designs it makes it suitable for all occasion.

11. Double key hole back design:

The more the merrier! Same goes for the keyhole design. The boat neck intermingled with the key hole makes it an absolute delight to wear. This blouse is quite efficient for flaunting your fashion goals.

12. Back button blouse design:

This is a perfect choice for those fashion divas who seeks for something bold yet simple. These are fabricated buttons and not the regular buttons of your shirt. This super chic blouse usually comprises of a closed neck and elbow length or full length sleeves. Goes well with Cotton, Silk and Georgette sarees. You can even have this design on net or sheer fabrics if you want a little extra.

13. Collared blouse:

This blouse is trendy and classy. Gives you a perfect impression of a boss lady. The regular shirt collar or Chinese and Mandarin collars are all favourites of women who are looking for something more in their ethnic wear. Khadi silk or Cotton silk goes well with this blouse. Finish it off with some oxidised jewellery.

14. Triangle cut out back design:

We have seen alk from round neck to pot neck. Now it’s time for triangle neck back. This is similar to all the above designs it’s just a difference in pattern. Closed neck or mandarin collars look perfect with this design. Heavily embroidered these go perfectly with the similar embroidered sarees.

15. U neck back blouse design:

Another simple blouse design is the U neck. When you cannot think of anything else to do with your blouse then keep it simple. Go for a U neck blouse. Nothing can go wrong with this. It is such a versatile piece than you can wear to both work and festive parties.

16. Knotted back blouse design:

This is similar to V neck backless blouses. It has a plunging neckline with a knot tie at the bottom. The lace trims bordering the neckline makes it even more innovative. Perfect for bridal wear and festive parties this design goes well with all kinds of sarees.

17. Patterned backless blouse designs:

These blouse designs are a supreme favourite of all the fashionistas all over. They either have knotted back or zigzag back patter to show off that secy back of yours. Wear this if you are confident enough to steal the show. This blouse has everything that is going to capture the attention of your audience.

18. U neck with thread tie:

U neck with thread design is another favourite of all the ladies out there. It is simple yet sophisticated. Perfect for bridal wear it will really keep everyone intrigued. Be prepared to be the centre of attention with this blouse. The embroidery on the blouse goes well with heavily embroidered bridal sarees.

Hope you enjoyed this fascinating blouse tour. Choose your best and be an absolute stunner in all your occasions. Fir more updates stay tuned to Fashionshala.


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