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Home Remedies to Remove Under Eye Dark Circles

Tired of massaging creams and lotions, trying to blot out those dark circles that have encircled your eyes for years? This busy lifestyle has left us with no other alternative rather than staying up till late and moil, which results in disturbed sleep, imbalance of hormones and stress.

Before these dark circles muck up your appearance completely, their timely treatment is necessary. Indeed, there are numerous chemical products available in markets for the same, but the promise of purity and loyalty offered by our primary home products is incomparable.

Moreover, multiple cosmetics are not compatible with some skin types and often result in adversities instead. Home remedies are on the flip side, safe to use and facile to apply.

All you need to do is grab one of the eminently used daily veggie, our beloved cucumber. Yes, it does wonders to your eyes as it does to our palates as salad.

Full of antioxidants and wholesome vitamins, cucumber is enriched with skin lightening elements which has been proven effective to reduce dark circles. Fresh and chilled cucumber pieces, when rested upon eyes, can blow off the tiredness from them. But, how to use it to its full effectiveness?

Home Remedies to Remove Under Eye Dark Circles

  • For that, grate one cucumber without peeling its skin off. Shred it as fine as you can so that its juice can be easily extracted.
  • When done with the process, you need to get a handy muslin cloth, so as to squeeze out the juice of the grinded cucumber. If you are not comfortable working with a muslin cloth, a basic tea strainer would do the job too.
  • You may use a spoon to squeeze the grated cucumber off the strainer, to obtain its juice . Pour the extract in a cup so that it’s about half filled.
  • Now, you need to add Green tea to the cucumber juice. Green tea is enriched with multitudinous antioxidants which are beneficial in vanishing dark circles. To the already half – filled cup of cucumber juice, pour half cup green tea.

Aloe Vera Gel

People have now started to recognize the natural wonder that is Aloe Vera. Aloe vera gel is filled with vitamins A, C and E which are good for skin and reduce pigmentation under the eyes. Aloe Vera is a plant which may be easily found in one’s local surroundings, let alone their own courtyards. Products like aloe vera gel are easily available at retail shops.

  • All you need to do is to buy aloe vera gel, if you don’t own the bottle already, and add one teaspoon aloe vera gel to the mixture of cucumber juice and green tea.

Rose Water

You might have witnessed your mumma talking about the benefits of rose water to your skin. It’s time you use this product to practicality. Rose water is known to balance the pH levels of our skin. It can be served as a great remedy to get rid of dark circles.

  • Now, you need to pour 4 teaspoons of rose water extract to the mixture.
  • Now stir the mixture for some time so that all the ingredients added could be mixed well.
  • After mixing the ingredients completely, pour it in a spray bottle for easy application. Spray bottles are easily available in retail stores nearby.
  • After transferring the mixture, refrigerate the spray bottle and let the mixture formula cool.
  • Meanwhile, wash your face thoroughly.

Almond Oil

Now, another most common reason of accumulation of dark circles beneath the eyes is lack of blood circulation in the affected area.

  • To overcome that, get hold of some almond oil, pour and rub it on your ring fingers, and start applying it gently around the eyes.
  • Massage the oil well for a few minutes to improve blood circulation, which will lighten your dark circles faster.
  • After a while, to remove the applied oil, grab a piece of cotton, soak it in water so that it absorbs moisture completely, and gently rub it across the eyes to slowly remove the oil.
  • Now you need to pull out another two big pieces of raw cotton, size so big that they can completely cover your eyes. To these cotton pieces, spray the already prepared and cooled mixture formula, such that they absorb it well.
  • Place these cotton pieces on your eyes so that they cover them well and now, play some music in background and relax for a while!

Repeat the process of massaging and creaming of mixture every night before sleeping. To get fast and effective results, let the cotton rest up on your eyes for at least 20 minutes every day.

Potato Slice

Another easy home remedy, known to be quick with noticeable results is the use of potato slices for your eyes.

  • Chop two thin potato slices, each for an eye.
  • Now, place these slices on your eyes and let them rest for at least 10 minutes per day. You can perform the same at any time of the day.

Follow the aforementioned steps with complete dedication and regularity and you may spot identifiable fruitions within merely 7 days!

These were some of the best and easiest home remedies to get rid of your dark circles. These are known to grace the sensitive skin of the area under the eyes with necessary vitamins and antioxidants. Give the aforesaid a try and you are bound to experience some alluring changes.

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