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Bridal Lehenga Blouse: Neck & Back Design

We all love to wear those sassy lehanga blouses to weddings and functions. But a major add on to the beauty of these lehanga blouses is the front and back neck designs of the cholis. If you are wearing a beautiful front and back design of a choli you can pull of the whole look with grace and elegance. The neck designs surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Beautiful Lehanga Blouse- Choli back and front neck designs

Back cut with heavy latkan design

This is a very beautiful and sturdy blouse back design. It has a sequined base which makes it fit for weddings and functions. The wide and deep back cut design is secured by dori and heavy latkan at the top. This looks great with tied hair. You can choose beautiful hair accessories to make it ook more beautiful.

The wide back cut with pearl strings

This is indeed a very beautiful blouse back design. It is surely a take of the bold. It has a wide back cut with detailed edges. This long sleeved blouse makes you look slender and elegant. The pearl strings at the back add to the beauty of your toned up back. Add heavey jewellery in the essence of pearls etc to intensify its beauty

Cold shoulders with cape blouse design

This sweet pink blush blouse design is a very good take. It has cold shoulders with net top. The embroidered cape over the plain blouse is a very good take. It leaves away the hassle of managing a fupatta over your shoulders. Add to it pink blush and lip colour to make it look more youthful.

Brocade bust with plain shoulder blades

This is a very regal design. It has brocade bust and sleeves. The plain bright maroon shoukder blades add a blink of freshness to the otherwise heavily cluttered blouse. It leaves a lot of scope for heavy jewellery and accessories. You can customise your look by adding your choice of accessories.

Multiple cut outs with tassel ornation

It is a soothing yet bold choice. It has two rectangular back cut outs separated by a rectangular cloth strip. Pink tassels hang from the ends of each of the cut and at the waist too. The net made sleeves have a centre cut-out. This is a very beautiful blouse design. Teem it up with big heavy chadelier earrings to make it look more beautiful

Wide back cut with dori latkan design

This is a very beautiful blouse design. The embroidered blouse has a boat neck with a wide back cut. The blouse has a dori tying mechanism at the top. The doris end in heavy latkan. The blouse is a very good choice for weddings and functions. Teem it up with beautiful jewellery to heighten its beauty.

Jacket design blouse

This is a very modern look. The jacket design blouse has a high jacket collar with a well defined cleavage. The high collar leaves no requirement for a neck piece. The jacket design is so very much youthful. Teem it up with fresh and dewy makeup.

Tassel waist design blouse

This shirt design tasseled blouse is a very beautiful piece. It has a beautiful combination with silver embroidery and silver tassels. The silver adds the shimmery element to the V-neck blouse. The sleeveless blouse is a beautiful take for weddings and parties.

The umbrella sleeves blouse design

This is a very unique piece. We most often prefer blouses to be exact to the size but this blouse design defies all odds to atand out. It has net sleeves in a loose umbrella shape. The golden bust with golden embroidery is an apt addition to the umbrella sleeves. It makes for a great choice for functions and parties.

Off shoulder serene blouse

This is a beautiful combination of beauty and elegance. It has off shoulder deaign with a wide neck and snug fit sleeves. It is a perfect fit for weddings and sangeet ceremonies. Just add a neck piece or a choker to it to make it rise above all others.

Big cape blouse design

It is a beautiful designer blouse. It has inner bodice and is covered with an overall cape. The upper cape is covered in beautiful embroidery. The embroidery provides it with the regal touch a wedding dress yearns for. Teem it up with light make up and chandelier earrings with loose curls. Just rock the dance floor with this beautiful blouse which provides you with ease of movement.

The high neck collared blouse design

This sleeveless blouse is a timeless piece. The blouse has a high neck collar with highly embellished bust. The bust is covered in lace and rhinestones from the waistline to the collar end. It makes you look slender and augments your natural beauty. Wear a bright lip and otherwise a light makeup with this look.

Off shoulder blouse with Heart shaped neckline

This is truly a great number in velvet. It has a beautiful broad neckline in heart shape. The offshoulder blouse looks awesome with a big neck choker. Combine it with a pastel net skirt and dewy fresh makeup. It is surely a fit number for bachelorettes or the engagement parties.

Round neck detailed blouse design

It is a beautiful warped blouse design. The blouse has an angular fold across its length which ends in a slit at the bottom. The round neckline is well detailed with embroidery. It is surely a good choice to wear at engagement parties and ladies sangeet.

Net back with round back cut

This ribbon tied base, blouse is surely a bold choice. It has a netty back with a vertical oval back cut. The cut is secured at the top with hooks and at the bottom with the help of a ribbon band at the waist end of the blouse. The neckline and the back cut are well piped with a golden piping.

Heart shaped neckline with gold detailed blouse design

This is a very sweet design. It has a sweet heart shaped neck design. The base of the blouse has a gold detailing in an inverted triangle shape. The bust is patterened with plain sleeves. The ends of the sleeves is adorned with golden lace. Teem it up with maang tikka and other jewellery elements.

Wide and deep back cut design

This long sleeved blouse is a true beauty. The blouse has a deep and wide back cut. The cut is secured with a dori at the top. The long sleeves define the body shape even further. Teem it up with beautifully braided hair and light makeup. You can add a nath to this look. Do add some beautiful hair accessories ro this look.

The quirky back cut at the base of the blouse

This is a very unique design. This blouse has a strategically well placed back cut. The cut atarts at the base of the blouse. The blouse has a high rounded neckline. The blouse has a dori and latkan end to the back cut. The long sleeves of the blouse beautify this blouse design.

Off shoulder lacey top blouse design

This bright emerald green blouse is a very beautiful addition to your wardrobe. The blouse has  no shoulder portion. It has a broad lace portion which forms the top of the blouse. The blouse has got no sleeves. It is a subtle yet beautiful choice for this wedding season.

White classic blouse design

This is a classic sleeveless blouse design. The blouse has thin strips at shoulders and a somewhat high base. It can be beautifully teemed up with heavy jewellery and dewy makeup. Add loose curl hair look with it.

Royal heart neckline blouse

This is a very beautiful long sleeved blouse. The royal red blouse is indeed a beauty combined with the heart shaped neckline. The bodice is very well embroidered. The well detailed neckline is surely a sugar add-on. It goes well with a sleek and neat bun. Heavy kundan jewellery goes well with it.

Heavy embroidered blouse design

This is indeed a blast of colours. The bright embroidery makes this blouse standout. The embroidery is accompanied by silver sequins. Thr neck and the base is lined with golden lace and sequins. The base of the choli has got multicoloured hangings. All the adornment adds to the beauty of the blouse. Accompany it with heavy jewellery to beautify it further more.

Regal heartshaped neckline blouse

It is a very beautiful blouse. It is optimal mix of bright and shimmer. The red and green combination is a great stunner. The plunging neckline with silver detailing is very delectable. This makes for a worthy choice for weddings. Teem it up with full jewellery including maang tika and choker set.

Red embroidered blouse

This is a very beautiful creation. It has small embroidered flowers on the whole bodice. The neckline and back cut are detailed with special embroidery. Combine it with a sleek hairdo and heavy choker jewellery.

Boat neck with net sleeves

This is a unique creation. It has got a boat neck and the whole neckline is detailed with laces. The bodice is well embroidered. The back design is a very unique one indeed. It goes well with a messy bun and heavy eye makeup.

The back cut string design blouse

This is a very different design. The heavy bodice is covered in multi-coloured rhinestones. The parallelopiped back cut is a unique one. The back cut is embellished with strings of pearls at defined distances to each other. It looks beautiful with tied up hair and heavy eye makeup. Heavy jewellery is preferred with this look.

The neckline checquered designer blouse

This is once in a while great design. It has got beautifully embroidered sleeves. The neck is lined with chequered design. It is followed by heavy rhinestone work. The bodice is covered in embroidery. The long sleeves are a good take.

We have compiled the best shadi lehanga blouse neck and back designs. We hope  you like them and inculcate them into your wardrobe. These ultimate designer pieces will make you the well dressed lady of the town.

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