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Fancy Design Matha Patti For Wedding

The traditional matha pattis are back, and this time with a bang. A former part of the jewellery family, this statement piece had been lost for a couple of years. But now that they are back and they are ruling. Matha Patti is generally derived from two words- ” matha” meaning forehead and ” patti” meaning band. So this is essentially a forehead or a head band which is an integral part of all bridal look.

The onset of the new year has brought in new dreams and aspirations as well. The wedding season has also set in already. The brides are all set with their wedding look. From the designer ensemble to statement jewellery and everything. But one piece that can take your look to a whole new level is the matha patti.

We witnessed a few weddings in the Bollywood family as well. And did you notice that all celeb brides had this statement piece in their lookbook. So why should you stay away from it?? Why should you not flaunt your inner fashionista on your special day??

So seeing all these designs everywhere all over the web, if you are intimidated as in which one to try. If you are lost walking through the isles of the flooded jewellery market, don’t worry girl! We got your back. Here in this article we will show you some really fancy matha Patti’s for your big day. So gear up and let’s get started.

1.Gold finishing with pearl stone

This simple yet elegant matha patti is something to die for. Just look at the chaandbali tika and the string of pearls. It is just one sided so it is modern as well. The stone detailing and the three pearl drops on the tika gives it an add on beauty. It is a very classic design so pair it with softer hues and subtle makeup to make the piece pop.

2. Everything gold

This is an elegant design with embedded stones, gold beads and pearls. Made of gold entirely this is an absolute favourite of all the brides. Since it is not very heavy and compact it is comfortable to wear. Since it is gold it goes with almost all attires. Finish it off with a glam look.

3. One sided rock chic

This is a very daring number. Embedded with stones all over this is a very interesting design. It does not have a conventional middle portion so it looks trendy as well. If you are looking for something subtle yet stylish this is perfect. The colour is such that it will pair well with all cool toned hues. So choose your favourite to rock it.

4. Water drop design

This is yet a other elegant look. It has a single strand and water drop design. The whole matha Patti is embellished with stone which makes this even prettier. The gold base is an absolute die for, for all the brides. Go for this look if you are not a jewellery person and you believe in simplicity.

5. Dainty and sleek matha patti

This is all gold sleek matha patti. Slightly on the vintage side, it has peal and stone engravings on the strand and square stone embellishments at the bottom. Just like how every girl wants to be nowadays, this is supremely dainty and sleek. Nothing heavy, super pretty and super comfy. You can even wear this with a more fusion look to give an edge to your outfit.

6. All polki matha patti

This is a single stringed polki matha Patti design. It is embedded with white stone. The bottom part falls like a waterdrop. Heavily embellished and all blingy this is a perfect match for any bridal wear. It also has pearls which is like an add on. So glam up your whole outfit with this simple touch of jewellery.

7. Pearl drop matha patti

Who can say no to Pearl’s?? They are super sophisticated. In the earlier days they symbolised the elite class. Elite is this matha Patti as well. See the amalgamation of the pearls and those diamonds. Look at the shine. The pearl and the polki drops looks perfect. If you are not a fan of heavy headbands, go for this and you will feel elevated in no time.

8. Heavily embellished matha patti

The gold and all those embellishments are something to die for. This will leave your fashion competitors hunting for your style. Look at how they are gleaming and shining. Complementing your glowing skin on your wedding day, this is a perfect match. So without further ado, grab it at once. Simple, yet elegant and chic this is a bridal must have.

9. A perfect blend of polki and pearls

For all those who don’t know what polki is, they are naturally mined uncut diamonds. Look how beautifully they drop. Embedded with a stone chain this is an absolute delight to wear. Go for soft glam makeup to complement this design and pair it with an elegant bridal wear.

10. Ruby multistranded pearl design

This looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn’t it?? If you agree with me then you must have understood by now why I am saying so. I mean look at this. All those pearls and the res blazing ruby in the middle is perfect. It is super chic and a bridal ultimatum. This will look perfect with all your designer ensemble and you salon style makeup.

Look stunning on your big day with all these beautiful and trendy matha pattis. We have given you a wide variety to choose from. So choose your best and leave your audience in an awe. For more cool stories stay tuned to Fashionshala.

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