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Stylish Trendy Blouse Designs For Parties

Sarees are an attire which lies at the heart of every Indian woman. We all love to experiment with our attires. We look forward to be better and better each day. This upcoming year we bring to you a collection of all the latest designs. So, here we start with the roller coaster ride of all the trendy and stylish blouse designs. All of these designs are comfortable to wear and delectable to carry. They add on to your grace and elegance. Just move your class up a bit with all these latest designs.

The back cut with dori ties trendy design

This is the latest design. It is surely the take of the bold. The tie at the top and the bottom is just by a dori with small latkan. The big back cut has a good fit for the wearer. The bodice of this designer blouse is made in a plain cloth and the puffy sleeves are made out of patterned cloth. It looks very good, you can wear it for small functions and formal settings too. You can beautifully pair it up with a neat and fuller bun. You can teem it up with light jewellery and bangles.

The sequined cutout blouse

This is a very beautiful creation. The cutouts at the back and the sides are strategically well placed. They accentuate your toned back. The no sleeves blouse design flatters your body and makes you look more beautiful. The high neck tape at the top of the blouse leaves no scope for neck pieces. This look is well complimented with a sleek bun and statement earrings. You can even add hair accessories to this look.  Heavy eye makeup accentuates this attire even further. Wear it with an armlet and rings to complete the look.

The inverted triangle back cutout design

This is a very different kind of a blouse design. It is trendy as well as sets you apart from others on the whole. It has a high collar with an inverted triangular back cut. The broader lower edge of the cut is closed with a dori. The cut very beautifully accentuates your look. Pair it up with rolled up hair and a bun. Wear statement earrings and a brush of glam with light makeup and dramatic eye makeup. Wear some bangles and rings to aptly accessorise the look.

The deep neck front broad neck choli type blouse

This a choli type blouse. It has adifferent coloured bust and overall a different coloured blouse with 3/4 length of sleeves. This bloise design has a deep neck design. The neck has beautiful piping around it to make the two coloured panels inclusive of each other. It looks great with a choker as a neckpiece. You can wear statement earrings or matching earrings with the choker. Just add nude shades of makeup. A messy or rolled bun with some loose curls will be a great addition to this look. You can wear it to parties, functions, birthdays of your colleagues, boyfriend or even to occassions relating to you.

The back cut heavy latkan design party blouse design

This is a beautiful party number. It is a sequined blouse with a deep and wide back cut. The cut ends in a dori heavily adorned with latkan. The latkan makes this piece strikingky beautiful. It has no other rival in the latest designer pieces. This piece will look good with a heavy full bun with flowery hair accessories. Heavy eye makeup with blush and a matching bright lip colour will add beauty to it. The right jewellery picked for this piece and occassion will make it look eternally beautiful. You may wear it to ring ceremonies, marriages etc.

The quirky hilly pattern neckline blouse design

This is a striking design. A lot of thought must have gone into designing this one. The triangular ups and downs make it a quirky choice. Be the bold one to strut in this designer blouse in a hall full of normalcy, you are sure to make heads turn. This blouse has a boat neck with the triangular ups and down all across the neck and sleeves. Pair it up with puffy hairdo, bright makeup. Give your eyes a kohl lined look. Do not overdo the jewellery.

The string back designer blouse

This is an iconic creation. This blouse design has a deep back neck cut. The bavk of the blouse is heavily embellished. It comes with a brooch in the middle of it at the bottom most point. Strings of pearls start from one shoulder and end at the other. It looks very beautiful. Pair it up with a big fuller bun and heavy makeup with dramatic eyes. You can go for hair accessories and pearl jewellery or kundan jewellery. You can wear it to weddings or parties alike. It will be a stunner sttire to adorn.

The wide back cut with dori and latkan

This is surely a stunner. The black and gold combination have alsways rocked and this one is no different. The design is comfortable to wear. The base is broad so it does not make it uncomfortable wearing that big back cut. The heavy latkan at the ends of the dori surely fetches brownie points for this blouse. It can be teemed up with high buns and somewhat light makeup with bold eye makeup. You can wear statement earrings with it to beautify it. Add some beautiful rings to it, to make it shine.

The printed quadrilateral back cut blouse

This is a beautiful piece. The quirky quadrilateral cut makes this piece standout. It has a beautiful print all over it. It can be beautifully teemed up with buns and braids. Add some dark makeup to it and minimalist jewellery will be recommended.

The very deep back with a bow blouse design

This is a different kind of a deaign. The very low cur back design vompliments your toned up back. It comes with a satin ribbon belt at the waist. This ribbon is tied in a bow at the back. This bow provides it with a youthful touch. Wear it with open hair or a messy bun. Pair it with light makeup and eyeliner. Wear jhumkas with this type of a designer blouse.

The high collar tear drop cut blouse design




This is an elegant creation. The high collar is a good option the tear drop cut makes it a nice party wear. The cloth and the pattern on it is a great choice. It will look really good with a sleek low bun and light makeup. Add statement jhumkas to this look to add to its beauty. You can add rings to this look too.

The high collar big neck cut blouse design

This is a really beautiful black and gold number. This is a blouse with deep neck. Wear a push up bra with this to make it look better. The embroidery on this blouse is a sure winner. You can wear it to parties and weddings. Pair it up with open hair or a tidy low bun. Blush on some make up with a bright lip colour. Teem up some heavy jewellery. Rings will be a good choice.

The eyeconic back cut blouse design

This is altogether a different kind of a blouse design. The sleek cut with rounded edges at the back of the blouse make it for a sure go. The mid rib of the back cut gives it strength and adds an element of newness to it. The beautiful designer blouse comes with ellaborate design on the neck and the sleeves. You can teem it up with a sleek low bun. Add pink blush to your face, liner to your eyes and a pink hued lip colour. Let the blouse speak for your attire, keep away from jewellery. You can add statement earrings to this look.

The quirky collar design blouse

This is a quirky designer blouse. It is a sequined blouse. The plastic strips of the blouse are a new thing to look out for. They are surely a trend setter. The neck collar is a mix of the tie fashion in the west and the high collar design for blouses. It goes very well with loose sleek hair with nice hair accessories. Add up a hand full of bangles to this look. Bright makeup will be a very good choice. Keep the jewellery to a minimalist range.

High collar with a neck cut blouse design

This is a simple number with great virtue. It looks very sweet. The high collar leaves no need for a neck piece. The cut beneath the collar is very well placed. It enhances the beauty of this blouse design. You can wear it with a bun or open hair. Opt for light makeup look. Add studs or big gem earrings for the best foot forward. You can enhance its beauty using lace on the sleeves of this blouse design.

The dori tied blouse design

It is a different number. It will surely be a chart buster this year. It gives you respite from the zip up or hooking up methods of wearing a blouse. It is otherwise a simple blouse design but the dori method provides for the perfect amount of skin show and elegance. Wear it with braided hair. Accesorise with dangling earrings or flowery earrings. Get the winged liner for your eye makeup and blush it up properly. Add a pink hue to your lips to make them look apt. You can add an armlet as well to accessorise it further.

The round neck with an upper and lower slit

It is a very different kind of a blouse. It has a round neck with an upper rectangular slit. The slit ends in a button tape. The button tape gives respite from zip up and hook methods. The lower slit ends in a dori tie-up. It can be teemed up beautifully with a neat hairdo and light makeup. Accessorise it well with an armlet and rings.

The round cut back blouse design

This is a beautiful blouse design. The back design has a circular cut out. The edges of the cutout have beautiful detailing all around it. The sleeves do come with borders. It is a very good piece to be worn on festivals and parties. Teem it up with a fuller bun. Accessorise the hair with fresh flowers. Add the midas touch with rightful makeup. Do add jewellery to enhance the beauty of the attire.

The back cut blouse with contrasting buttons

This is a subtle yet beautiful number. The heavily embroidered blouse comes with a big oval cutout at the back. The contrasting buttons enhance its beauty in a big way. Teem it up with open hair. Add jewellery in the right amounts. Light makeup will go great lengths with this attire. The no sleeves also gives you leaverage to wear arm pieces.

The lotus neck blouse design

It is a beautiful blouse design. It has a beautiful flowery neckline. It is a subtle piece with prints at the long sleeves. The sleeves make one look slender. The lace at the waistline is also a great addition. Wear it with open hair. Add choker pieces combined with dangling earrings. You can even add hair accessories to this look. This brings in a dash of youth into your look.

The broad cut heavy blouse design

This is a great party number. It is heavily ornated. The sleeves and the neckline have great additions. The back cut is secured by hooks at the top. The bottom has a complete band. It goes very well with a bun. Add hair accessories to the bun. You can wear heavy jewellery with this look. Add the rightful amount of makeup. You can wear it to verious occasions.

The side cut round neck blouse design

This blouse has a very different cutout. The cut is not at all centered. It lies on a shoulder. This looks great. Wear it with open hair. Add some heavy jewellery element with this. Skip the neck piece. The rightful amount of makeup is required to lift this look up.

The back cut with dori and latkan

This is a design which is comfortable to wear and beautiful to look on. The blouse is rightly adorned. The cut at the back is strategically well placed. The dori at the back secures the cut. You can wear it with a messy bun. Light makeup and the right lip colour will lift this off. Add statement earrings to this look.

The deep trench back cut blouse design

This is a beautiful back design blouse. It has av-back cut and is lined with laces at the sleeves and at the back cut. The lace keeps it simple yet elegant. It is gracious piece of clothing. Just teem it up with a high bun. Add the necessary element of jewellery and light makeup.

The broad front neck with fluff at the neckline blouse

This is a different kind of a creation. It has a deep neck at the front as well as at the back. The complete neckline comes with a ruffled addition to it. The ruffled fluff adds to the beauty of it. The ruffled addition is also made to the sleeves of this blouse. Teem it up with a neat bun and statement earrings. Wear the rightful amount of makeup with this look.

These all beautiful pieces comprised of our party collection blouses. They are all very beautiful and comfortable. Wear them and see the heads turning to you. May this be the best year for your wardrobe.

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