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20 Stylish and Trendy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

Trendy and Stylish blouse back neck designs

Sarees are a go to attire for every Indian woman. We all look forward to wearing a saree and looking our best; be it a social gathering, a formal meeting or even house parties. Various occassions and even no occassions call for a saree wearing day. Let us make these saree wearing days a bit more interesting and beautiful. We are sharing the upcoming trendsetters for the blouse back neck designs. Hope you like them.

Daring sheer and back cut blouse back design

This is a beautiful designer piece. The shear makes it look a bold choice. The two tear drop cute at the back enhance this blouse’s beauty. The boat neck design makes the cuts stable at their place. It goes very vell with half or quarter length sleeves. You can even add crochet endings to the sleeves, neck or the waist area. You can also add sequins to this blouse design. This will surely make your simple sarees pop out.

Deep V-neck with col shoulder blouse

This is a very bold choice. The deep V- cut at the back makes it look very beautiful. You can add sequined or embroidered details to the back cut. Cold shoulders are another catch of this blouse. The sleeves can be detailed in the same way as the V-cut and the waistline.

High neck blouse back design

This design looks classy and elegant. You can choose it for engagement functions and parties. Match big studds or circular earrings with it. You can details to the blouse by adding embroidery etc. Quarter sleeves would look apt with this design. Fresh make-up look and a messy updo for hair looks sleek and fit with this blouse back design. Use sequins in addition to the embroidery designs.

Deep circumar cut and dori-latkan design blouse back design

This is a very beautiful design. You can choose to wear it on birthdays and parties. This back cut enhances your toned back. The size of the cut can be adjusted. The dori and latkan helps to maintain the shape of the cut. It looks very good with a neat hairdo. Teem it up with a bold make-up and a winner brow game. You can also add superficial buttons at the bottom portion.

The wrap up blouse

This is a quirky yet beautiful design. It is a wrap around blouse, but surely stitched and safe to wear. On its right part it gives an illusion of saree folds. It will give layers to your attire and you will end up being the talk of the town. It can be carried easily in a formal setting.

Beautiful back print designer blouse

This is a unique designer piece. This blouse has beautiful golden petal design on the back. It is unique and looks very beautiful. It is very much suitable for those who shy away from skin show. You can wear it to parties and formal occassions too. It is good for girls and ladies alike. You can get the same design for the border as that on the back of your blouse. We can easily teem this up with a neat hairdo and tear drop earrings.

Bow-triangular cut back blouse neck design

This is a new design. It is catching up fast. It is fresh and sweet. This back cut design with a button lap above is a new concept. The bow at the bottom adds an element of youth to it. It can be surely worn on freshers, farewells, birthday parties etc. It is an all occassion blouse for young girls. Young ladies can also resort to this designer blouse if they are looking for newness in their closet.

Teardrop cut with ribbon bow blouse back design

This is a very much stylish creation. The sequined blouse is very much suitable for grand occasions such as marriages. The ribbon bow at the back adds the element of youth. It is a beautiful design to be worn by friends of the bride or the groom. Just wear this blouse with a beautiful saree and rock the dance floor because that is your place, shining star.

The multiple back tie blouse

This is a beauyiful design for a blouse. This dori concept is a good substitute for a zip or hooks. But you will surely need someone else’s help to get all these doris tied up. It is a subtle skin show and support the bodice properly if tied properly. You can yourself decide the cloth and colour for such a blouse.

Bright hued dori back cut design

This is a simple yet beautiful piece. It is trendy as well as earthy. The broad cut makes this blouse a latest take while the simple dori on the top gives it an earthy vibe. Just go on get this design for your blouses to make your attire an instant hit this summer.

The lapelled back buttoned up blouse back design

It is a beautiful creation. We seldon get respite from zips and hooks in blouse design and this is one of those creations where you do not either zip it or tie it or hook it up. This buttoned up blouse is a sure shot winner. But you will need someone to button your blouse up. This way you can teem up beautiful buttons with this as well. Go on ornate your blouse with beautiful buttons to make the latest fashion kick in your wardrobe.

Deep cut back with collared neck blouse


This is a bold choice for sure. Choose this design for you blouse for parties and functions. The quirky back cut invites eyes of one all. The collar at the neck gives a proper fit according to your body. This way you do not feel awkward while wearing a back cut designer blouse. The cut invites a longer bodice for the blouse.

The wide and deep cut with dori back blouse design

This is a very nice design. The width and length of this back cut has really got some bold takers. This help to enhance your toned back. The hooks at the base define your waist and the dori with latkan at the top enhances the beauty. It is a girlish design. It is highly recommended for marriages and parties. You can wear it in formal parties as well.

Deep back neck and hooks with superficial buttons

It is a very beautiful pairing with the saree. It has a deep back neck. The lower base comes with hooks. The superficial buttons and the piping provides for the ultimate fashion goals. This blouse takes for young ladies and old ladies too. The blouse provides you with confidence in every setting. This can be worn for parties, weddings, ritual ceremonies and formal meetings too. You can pair up chandelier earrings or jhumkas with this blouse pairing. Wear a neat updo with it for best foot forward.

Boat neck embroidered blouse back design

This is a very traditional designer blouse. If you are looking for the latest designs but shy away from skin-show, then this is your go to blouse design. It has a boat neck deaign with matching designs on the neck and the sleeve ends. Get a full blown embroidery design at the back area. This embroidery will be the centre of attraction. The golden pearls enhance the beauty of this simplistic blouse.

The quadrant cut blouse back design

This is a beautiful quadrilateral back cut blouse design. This is a very different back cut. You need to ensure the fit of the blouse after you decide to get the cut at the back. You can get a boat neck or collared neck with this novel back cut. You can leave the neck without any detailing. Get the cut and the sleeves detailed.

The triangular back neck designer blouse

This is a very different and girlish designer blouse. This blouse has strip shoulders and no sleeves. The back and the waist region is triangular in shape. The embroidered portion at the back has cut-work. Rhinestones will apply beautify this blouse piece. It is very much suitable for weddings and parties. Teem it up with heavy earrings and a heavily embroidered saree.

Quadrilateral cut with buttoned lapels

This is a piece of a very different kind. It has a very different back cut. The quadrilateral shaped back cut is very aptly placed. The button lapels give you respite from the zipping and hooking up business in the usual blouse designs. It can be worn daily. If you wish to wear it to parties, get it ornated with some lace or rhinestones.

The inverted curve back cut design

This is a very subtle daily wear blouse piece. The back cut defines your well toned back. The buttons at the closing areas give a break from the doris and zip up options. You can look after this design to get a trendy every day wear blouse. This will surely make your saree a fashionable one yet keeping it comfortable.

The upside-curve back cut neck design blouse

This is a very different kind of a back neck design. This has a hook closure. The cut is conjoined at two ends one at the top and one at the bottom. The botyom has a broad area for the two sides to join with hooks. The top is joined with a single hook. You need to be calm while wearing this blouse. The hooks need to be closed systematically.

We all love to wear sarees. They are a true love of an Indian woman. Go on explore this love for sarees further more and fetch some great designs for your wardrobe this upcoming year. The saree as an attire is back and again the talk of the town and so you be.

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