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Latest Ball Gown Flower Girls Dresses for Wedding Party

Latest Ball Gown Flower Girls Dresses for Wedding Party:

Ball gown flower girl dresses are very famous. They are worn on the occassion of a marriage and they are hopeful of the birth of the new era for the bride and the groom. Flower girls and page boys are an important part of a wedding ceremony and they must dress upto their nines.

Beautiful sky blue assymetrical hem ball gown

This is a very beautiful gown type. The assymetrical hemline provides the child with ease of movement. It comes with and adjustable neck portion. This gives ease of movement of arms as well. You can loosen or tighten the dress from the top tie. It is easy to wear and carry for the child too and looks elegant and beautiful. It comes with a choker design at the neckline, which leaves flower jewellery effect and looks fresh and beautiful.

Pink full skirt with embroidered yoke ball gown flower girl dress

This is a very beautiful dress. It is very much suitable fkr flower girls. It has a broad belt area which defines the waist of the flower girl beautifully. It looks adorable on young flower girls. The skirt layers might make it a bit difficult to walk, so slight heeled sandals will be a perfect combination with this flower girl dress. It makes for a beautiful sight seeing your girl swirl and twirl in this beautiful dress. Its yoke is very intricately embroideres with sequins and stones.

Lace detailed white flower girl ball gown

This is a very beautiful ball gown for young page girls. It is a neat white creation with a sky blue belt. It comes with a lace bodice which makes it delectable to the eye. A fuller skirt makes it look so beautiful. The front of the ball gown comes with floor length skirts, the back skirts come with varying height of the skirts. The bodice is detailed with two brooches which makes the flower girls standout. You can pair it with white ballerinas and flower crown. Make sure the flower crown is in full colour. For long hair, make buns and for short hair get them straightened.

Beige calf length flower girl gown

It is a beautiful piece of simplicity and elegance. It is a beautiful piece with cut sleeves and calf length. It comes with a plain bodice and multiple net skirts. The length of this gown makes it easier for the flower girls to move around. The gown is ornated with 3D flowers. The flowers signify growth and prosperity which gives a beautiful meaning to it. You can teem it up with slip-on balerinas and straight to curly ends for hair. You can even opt for hairbands for the flower girls in the same shade.

Beautiful white and red flowery flower girls gown

It is a beautiful creation with white base with red embroidery on it. The gown goes for an awe without any doubt. It comes with a sheer top and a necklace type end on the top. The bodice is covered in red embroidery. The skirts are in full bloom with red embroidered flowers on it. The flower girls with look very beautiful on it. Open hair goes very well on it. You can teem up either red or white ballerinas or sandals with this dress. The red embroidery on the hemline makes the gown pop and it looks adorable.

White lace boat neck flower girl gown

It is a very simple and elegant piece. It comes with a nude shade belt tied with a bow behind the back of the flower girl. This gown comes with a lacey bodice. The boat neck leaves more dimension for small jewellery pieces. The lacey sleeves look very elegant. The full skirts are floor lengthed and can be worn with small heels or ballerinas too. Hair can be worn open or in a braid. The braids can be tied with white ribbons to make them more appealing. You can even teem it up with a flower crown or a small basket of flowers on the arm.

Lace bodice white flower girls gown

It is a very beautiful piece. It has a lace bodice with full sleeves. Its back is sheer and buttoned up. The lace bodice looks very beautiful. It has a pink bow in the front with a complete round of belt at the waist. The fuller skirt makes it a dream dress for any flower girl. The skirt has layers and various folds make it more fuller in the looking. You can teem it up with white ballerinas or white sandals. Soft curls go very well with this gown. Get a full bloom flower crown made of small flowers for this attire.

The butterfly flower girl gown

This pastel shade gown is very beautiful with all the elements to make your princess look like a butterfly. It has lacey long sleeves, which make them appear long and slender. The round neck makes for a nice place for lockets. It has a fuller skirt with floor length hemline. The top skirt is assymetrical with 3D butterflies all over it. It look really pretty. Teem it up with matching ballerinas and soft curls. Rest a beautiful hairband on top of these curls.

Princess Red Gown with Black Lining

Princess diaries flower girl gown

This gown seems straight out of the princess land. It is very beautiful and in a beautiful pastel shade. Lace bodice with long sleeves is its standout beauty. The sequined belt is a beauty to behold. Teem it up with white ballerinas. The fuller skirt and top skirt is in a heavier cloth and gives the feel of a trail. Teem it up with loose curls. Wear a crown with it for the maximum princess effect.

Source: DHGate

We hope you liked this compilation of beautiful flower girls ball gowns. You can very easily find them at online stores or even find some of them at retail stores. A marriage is once in a lifetime. Decorate this time of your life with zeal. These are very beautiful pieces and will make the flower girls look very beautiful.

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