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Fancy Back Neck Blouse Designs : Cutting & Stitching Tutorial

We all want to look beautiful in whatever we wear. A major portion of our look is our attire. The attire of Indian women mainly consists of sarees and suits. We all want our kurtis and blouses to have beautiful neck designs and embellishments. We are going to look into various neck designs for kurtis and blouses; their making and design pursuit and the public consent for each of these designs. Do not fret we will also tell you what kind of jewellery and makeup will look good with each of them.

1. The yellow and green combination kurti neck design

This is a beautiful combination of olive green and mustard yellow kurti neck design. The design is beautifully leyered and has a U-Cut. The neckline is divided roughly into two protions; one is olive green and the other is golden yellow. The olive green portion has a layered structure, the neckline starts with a yellow strip followed by a green one and then again a yellow strip and ends at the olive green cloth of the kurti. The yellow portion has designer strips. It has an S-shaped design it starts with green piping followed by a thin yellow strip. Then we have a fold by folding of an olive green sttip. The strip fold design has pearl based golden embellishments on top of each fold. You can beautifully pair it with gold jewellery. Light makeup is preferred with good upkeep of the skin through natural methods. You can look up articles regarding natural care for the skin at it is truly a good neckline design.

2. The green and golden fabulous combination

This is a very adorable piece.the golden hodice is very well embelished by the green designs. The neckline is a sort of an outwards pinched u-shape. The neckline is covered in a whole broad green strip. This green strip is followed by a golden shiny strip and then the design ends with a green lace. The broad green strip has beautiful golden designs on it. The side strips have rectangular shapes woth a triangular top, these golden shapes are sealed with a golden pearl on top of each shape. The bottom broad green strip has golden piece of cloth over it and cut out shapes which give a glimpse of the green cloth on the underside. The cutouts are separated by green strips. The strips have golden gems on top of them. The side strips line the sleeves of the blouse as well. This beautiful design goes well with embroidered or printed sarees. You can pair it up with heavy makeup look. Golden being the base colour you can try out bright red lip colour with this blouse. You can wear this ensemble to parties and weddings. Teem it up with gold jewellery or gold imitation jewellery. Kundan jewellery will also look good with this attire.

3. Beautiful grey and black blouse design

This is a very beautiful sleek blouse design. This is a perfect design for formal parties or even weddings or promotion parties or what not. This has an adorable neckline. A vase shaped neckline is beautifully laced up with black lace. The black lace looks gorgeous on top of the grey base of the blouse. The waistline of the blouse also has a curve upwards and the waistline is completed by a black lace strip. The lace strip is beautifully embroidered. The embroidery is done on a grey base. The lace brings out the beauty of this subtle blouse. The lace on the neckline and at the waistline meet each other at the buttontape which os a vertical at the centre of the blouse. The buttons are grey in colour. You can beautifully pair this look up with bold makeup and minimalist jewellery. You can opt for red rubies or black gems jewellery with this ensemble.

4. Killer blue and golden combination blouse

This is a very beautiful piece and has very bright colours in the making. The blouse has a U-shaped neckline with a golden border passing through the edge of the base of the neckline. The neckline has golden lace around it, leaving the area of the border. The border has a broad golden base. The border ends in the same golden lace as the rest of the neckline. The top of the border has a golden piping. The border has semicircular designs all over it with differently coloured adjacent octants. The semi-circles are also surrpunded by golden piping. This look is surely a bright look. It is preferred to pair mild makeup look with this. You can surely opt for gold jewellery with this ensemble. You can choose to wear jhumkas or chandelier earrings over studs. This blouse design will be a great stunner at parties and wedding functions.

5 The blue and white sailor combination blouse design

This is a very sailor type combination. The difference lies in the fact that here greyish white has been chosen as the combination for navy blue. The neckline is a distorted bell-shape. The neck is lined with greyish white piping which is followed by navy blue triangles. The triangles are adorned with white thin strips and small white pearls. The triangles are followed by white strip then a thin dash of blue then the design ends with greyish white strip. The base of the neckline has a criss-cross of greyish white lines on the navy blue base. You can beautifully teem it up with silver jewellery or diamond jewellery on platinum base. A subtle makeup look will surely work for this blouse design. It is a great piece for birthday parties or house warming parties. You can customise it according to your wish.

These were the greatest designer pieces for the upcoming year. We wish the best for your wardrobe this year. Hope you find the best choice among these designer pieces. Do give your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such content at Fashionshala.

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