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Gorgeous Pics of Sri Lankan Wedding Saree Blouse Designs

Fashion of Saree will never end. Everyone wants to wear something different and unique on their wedding so here are some designs of blouses which you can try on your wedding or any of your closest relative’s wedding . These designs are very unique and marvellous and will make you look amazing.

A perfect sheer cut

It is fully embroidered blouse which gives it a stunning look. Quarter sleeves are apt with this kind of blouse or else you can also do full sleeves. The embroidery on its sleeves is another catch of this blouse. Decorate your hair with gajra and infact maang tika will look perfect with this. Wearing a necklace is upto you because this blouse in itself is jewelled with precious stones.

Golden embroidery blouse

This is a very beautiful design. The sheer of the sleeves matches perfectly with it. Wear proper golden jewellery with this blouse and include golden bangles with it as well.  Red lipstick will enhance the beauty of this blouse.Its golden colour gives a touch of royalty.  Wear bold makeup and become the talk of the town.

Silver embroidery blouse

This silver embroidery blouse is classy and elegant. This looks perfect with silver jhumkas. The lace at its back gives it an appealing look. The three fourth sleeves and its sheer look makes it amazing. The silver and white saree with this blouse goes well. Wear silver plated jewellery with it and gajra and shine in the wedding.

A classy look

This whitish silver blouse with puffed three fourth sleeves is perfect for daytime weddings. Wear brown or red lipstick with it and long jhumkas.. You can wear some colourful necklace to avoid dullness with this colour. A simple circular neck gives it a simple and beautiful look. You can also wear a latkan at your waste to give a sexy look to your waist.

Golden silk blouse

It has proper embroidery at its back and is somewhat plain from front, which gives it a classy look. It’s embroidered sleeves gives this blouse a heavy look. This will go with shiffon or silk fabric Sarre. Brown lipstick will add beauty to your dress. Make a styled bun and decorate it with flower shaped shinning pins at one side. Make a puff from front. Wear golden colour necklace and tear drop shaped earrings with it.

A  simple look

A simple blouse for a decent wedding. The sheer look on its full sleeves is quite stunning. A little embroidery on its sleeves is making it elegant and simple. Wear maang teeka and simple necklace with it to make you look beautiful. Light pink lipstick will go with it. Don’t try to wear bangles with it,otherwise decency will finish there. Decorate your hair less to look basic and modest.

Silky golden blouse

If you are thin then this type of blouse will make you look a little fat. It will look perfect on you. It’s three fourth sleeves are giving it a royal look. You can opt silk fabric for this type of blouse. The gold ornaments with it will make you even more attractive. This covers your skin fully, so if you are shy from showing your tonned skin then you can go for this blouse. A little embroidery of precious stones is making it stunning. Dress up or choose your make up like you have to do a bharatnatyam dance performance because that type will look perfect with this. Wear just 2 bangles to look decent and sophisticated.

A different coloured blouse

This greenish golden colour blouse is quite exclusive. You rarely find this type of colours in wedding dresses. Wear bold makeup with this as it is a quite simple blouse and Saree. It’s fluffy half sleeves are giving it a both trendy and earthy look. Wear at least 2-3 layers of necklaces with it. Silver and gold ornaments will perfectly suit this colour. Make a tight bun with it and silver colour jhumkas will suit it.

Stunning look

Totally embroidered blouse. The back blouse jewellery embroidered with precious stones is giving it a sexy look. The lace at its bottom is also embroidered with same precious stones. So to give this blouse an impressive look its sleeves should also have heavy work. The bun of your hair can be decorated with gajra or flowers. It should be a little simple from front to make you feel comfortable. A bold make up is important for this type of dress.

A hot and sexy blouse

Proper transparent  from sleeves and back with heavy embroidery. It will go with heavy worked sarees. But a simple makeover will look outstanding with this. Do a tight bun and wear a maang teeka with it. You can wear small golden earrings with it. If you are doing a little makeup then wear pink lipstick with because red will make it a bold choice. This blouse with a heavy work saree will make you look like a celebrity so go for this if you have proper figure.  

A golden piece work

It’s a proper designer piece. Transparent but with embroidery gives it a breathtaking look. The piping is very important in this type of blouse. A simple or bold make up is up to you because both will look perfect with it. Blouse shows your proper tonnes skin. Light earrings will go with this. Decorate your hair with flowers and shinning material. This blouse will go with golden colour saree. 

White embroidered saree

The Doris and latkan at the back are giving it a sexy look. Definitely you need other person to tie them up. But it looks traditional and ultra modern as well.

The multi coloured precious stones are looking splendid on this silvery white blouse. Hair decorated with flowers will look perfect with it. You can wear simple necklace and bangles with it. Deep neck enhances your beauty and shows your sexy  back. 

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