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Kurti Collar Neck & Sleeves Designs Tutorials

Love for self stitched clothes doesn’t end. And for that never ending love we are back with some awesome neck and sleeve designs! Different styles are all here with proper instructions, and just as usual extremely easy to stitch. Go ahead! Keep reading!

Kurti Collar Neck Cutting and Stitching Tutorials

Half Collar Neck Cutting & Stitching

  • The first step is to take bakram and then double fold it.
  • Draw the neck design using tailor or any other chalk.
  • Always draw 0.5 more inch than the actual measurement of the neck.
  • Now, use scissors and cut down the neck design carefully.
  • Take the neck design which we cut in the 3th step, and keep it on the
    the main cloth and stitch the bakram on the cloth.
  • Now, cut the cloth according to the bakram design and cover the bakram with cloth.
  • Again use that neck cutting ( of bakram and cloth, which we stitch in the last step) put it on the kurti and stitch it well.
  • Now stitch the pipen on the neck design of the kurti.
  • Use some cloth and stitch it between the gap of neck design.
  • And then, attach the back and front of the kurti by stitching from shoulders.
  • The next step is to make the collar, by first drawing the collar on bakram and cutting it out.
  • Now cover the bakram with cloth by stitching them.
  • Stitch the final collar on the kurti.

Kurti Collar Neck Cutting with Useful Tips

  • The very first step is to double the cloth
  • The length of the kurti should be 3inches more than the actual length of the kurti.
  • Cut down the kurti according to the measurements.
  • Then give one more fold to the cloth. And then draw the measurements of chest,waist and hips on the cloth.
  • Cut the cloth according to the measurements.
  • Now the kurti cutting is done.
  • Next step is to do the cutting of sleeves. For that take the cloth and fold it into four parts.
  • The measurement of the sleeve should be 2inches more than the sleeve of the actual measurement of sleeve.
  • Draw the measurements of sleeve on the cloth and cut accordingly using scissors.

Kurti Collar Neck Stitching Design – Trendy Fashion

  • Firstly draw and cut the neck on the kurti.
  • Take bakram and double fold it.
  • Now draw the neck pattern on the bakram with chalk.
  • Cut the bakram accordingly using the scissors.
  • Take the bakram which we cut in the last step and put it on the cloth and stitch them together.
  • After stitching them together, the product created will be the final pattern for the kurti.
  • So, attach the final pattern on the kurti by stitching them.
  • After attaching them, cut down the extra cloth from the kurti.
  • Attach back and front side of the kurti by stitching them from shoulders.
  • The next step is the make the collar.
  • For that take bakram, double fold it and stitch it from the center.
  • Draw the collar design using chalk.
  • Cut the bakram according to the design and then stitch that bakram on another piece of cloth.
  • Our final collar is ready. Now, attach the final collar on the kurti by stitching properly.
  • Stitch the kurti from both the sides to complete the attachment of front and back side of the kurti.
  • Next and the final part is to make the sleeves of the kurti.
  • After stitching the sleeves attach both the sleeves to the kurti by stitching.
  • Give this kurti a final touch by stitching and attaching button on the collar.

Sleeves Design Cutting & Stitching

Dori Sleeves Design Cutting & Stitching

  • Cut down two sleeves from the cloth.
  • Length should be 2 inches more than the actual measurement.
  • Width should be 0.5 inch more than the actual measurement
  • Mark the center of the sleeves using chalk.
  • Take two long pieces of the cloth.
  • Now take the first piece of the long cloth and stitch it on the center of first sleeve.
  • Take another piece of long cloth and stitch on the center of the other sleeve.
  • After stitching the cloth, put two Dori made with cloth inside the sleeves each.
  • For more decoration and final touch, make latkans from cloth and stitch them at the ends of the Dori.
  • And then Attach the sleeves with kurti by stitching.

Beads Sleeves Design Cutting & Stitching

  • Cut down the sleeves from the cloth.
  • Mark 1.5 inches till the last in the length of the sleeve.
  • Now give a small fold on each of the marks and stitch them.
  • Take chalk and Mark 2inches till the last in the width of the sleeve.
  • Now where ever the marks intersect, attach a bead there with thread and needle.

Desi Baju – Slit Design Cutting & Stitching

  • Take two different type of cloth material. One for the design and other for the sleeve.
  • Now take the sleeve cloth and fold it into four parts.
  • Draw the sleeve measurements and cut the cloth accordingly.
  • Take the design cloth and fold it into four parts from one side and other side into two parts.
  • Separate both the parts of the clothes by cutting them with scissors.
  • Now take the cloth with four parts and make it eight parts by folding it.
  • Draw the design on that cloth and cut it accordingly.
  • Now attach both the design and the sleeve by stitching them together.

Thank you for reading!

Latest stylish sleeves designs for kurti / kurta

Latest stylish sleeves designs for kurti / kurta
Latest stylish sleeves designs

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