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Easy Kurti Cutting Tutorials for Beginners

Doing stitching and cutting is not a easy thing but in this following article you will see how we can make it such. Yes you heard us right. We have always wanted an easy hand on things so what could be better than these steps?

Easy Kurti Cutting Tutorial

While doing it simply you will enjoy it doing even. Let’s look at the following steps and procedures to get easy hand on cutting and stitching:

  • We will take a cloth first of 2.5 meters we will fold it length wise.
  • Mark according to your own size (length, shoulder, breast, waist and hip).
  • Mark these points with a straight line.
  • Now we will give a proper shape to it.
  • Remember leave 2 inches gap for stitching.
  • We will give on shoulders a C shape.
  • Cut the cloth accordingly.
  • We will do the same with back piece first mark it and then cut the remaining.

Hope these easy steps lead you from being amateur to a professional. All the best. Do watch this tutorial to cut a proper understanding of these steps:

Boat Neck Kurti/Kameez Cutting

Let’s move ahead and see some other useful steps to get an easy hand on making boat neck on kurti or kameez:

  • We will take a cloth double folded and we will mark the length according to our height or choice.
  • Fold it now in four folds.
  • Mark on the top and mark shoulder length also but with adding one inch extra and we will join them.
  • We will now mark chest, waist and hip also.
  • Take half of each marked points and we will properly give it a shape.
  • On arm roll we will mark a C shape.
  • We will leave two inches gap after each marked position.
  • Now cut it accordingly and will take back piece now.
  • We will mark neckline and from arm roll we will half it and mark the point where it reaches and that is from where our boat neck design will start and we will cut it to its shape.
  • Take another cloth for sleeves double folded then we will fold it again two times making it four times folded.
  • Now mark length of the shoulder and arm roll and leave 2 inches gap for cutting purpose.
  • Cut the marked points and open up these folded sections.

To have a prim and proper understanding of such easy steps do watch the following tutorial:

Suit Cutting with Boat Neck Design

Let’s see how easy can kurta cutting be for beginners more in these following steps:

  • We will take a cloth double folded. We will mark the length first according to our need or height.
  • Leave extra inches for folding and stitching purpose.
  • Take fourth half of our size and leave two inches gap for folding and stitching.
  • We will mark hip and shoulder and we will mark the boat neck on neckline even.
  • Now mark arm roll and we will mark it in a C shape.
  • Now mark waist and hip and draw a straight line.
  • We will now properly give it a shape.
  • Leave two inches gap for cutting and then we will cut according to the marked points.
  • We will make neck on buckram fabric.
  • Now we will take back piece and then mark the points for boat neck and cut it leaving 2 inches gap.
  • We will take another cloth for sleeves and for width we always take it two inches more than our shoulder size (length may vary).
  • Give a proper shape to it and we will cut it and fold it.

Thanks for following these steps do watch the following tutorial to get a more lucid view on it:

Hope you had fun trying these Kurti Cutting Tutorials. For more easy and smart stuffs keep on reading Fashionshala.

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