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Front Neck Design for Kurti Tutorials

In these wedding season, flaunt these beautiful and trendy necklines and stand out of the crowd. You will learn threes different types and three different pattern of front neck design for kurti. We will show you a step by step tutorial for round neck as well as boat neck.

If you want to wear something simple and yet elegant and trendy, try these patterns and the end result will be your happy face! So, are you ready to dive in this sea of classy patterns?

Let’s Get started!

First, we will learn to make a beautiful potli neck design.

1. Petal with Potli Neck Design

  • We will take a round neckline. You can make it at home or buy it from the market as it is easily available.
  • The length of neck is 7 inches and the breadth is 6 inches.
  • Now we will take a fabric and will place the neckline on the fabric and mark the measurement. We will stitch
  • the neckline with the fabric.
  • We will cut the extra cloth and will fold the outer border and again sew it. Keep the stitching large as in the end we have to remove it.
  • We will fold the neck piece from the middle and put a little slant cut.
  • Now take the kurti or top you want to attach the neck. And mark it right at the center
  • Take the neck piece and place the middle of the neck piece on the middle of kurti.
  • We will stitch the neck and kurti and will cut the extra cloth, to give the neck shape.
  • We will place light noches on the border and will double fold it and sew it.
  • This way you will get piping in the border.
  • Take a 2.5 inches square cloth, and fold it from between and again fold it as shown in the video and cut it in a circular shape.
  • Now take a needle and thread, Fold the circle and sew it and make it like a balloon shape.
  • Take some potlis and put it on the circular balloon shape. And place it at the border of the neck and stitch it.
  • Repeat it for every potli. Keep the potli very close to each other. You are ready with your designer neck
  • You can use this design for front neck or even back neck of any kurti or blouse.

2. Boat Front Neck Design for Kurti

  • We will take a boat neck neckline of length 4.5 inches and wideness is 8.5 inches.
  • We will take a thing golden lace and will attach it with the boat neck border.
  • Secure it properly by stitching both the side.
  • Now, we will take a dori of 18 inches.
  • We will make marks of 2 – 2 inches below the lace, we will make a curve shape.
  • Take the dori and place one edge of the dori on the lace and fold it and attach it with the first point. Make it in the shape of petal. Place a moti and fold it so the gap between the fold remains same.
  • We will again fold the dori from the two inch curve. We will again place the moti and fold it till 2 inches curve.
  • Repeat this till the middle of the neckline. And will keep the remaining dori long.
  • We will gain start from the other end and will bring the design till the middle and will again keep the dori in the middle long.
  • Take a moti and insert it in the middle dori and will cut both long dori in equal measurement. We will do the same with another dori.
  • Now take the needle and thread and insert the beads/moti on the neck line.
  • We will sew the dori carefully on the two inches curve and will agin place the beats in between just like we did for the upper part.
  • You are ready with this beautiful beaded boat neck design.

3. Creative Boat kurti Neck Design

  • We will make a very beautiful boat neck design.
  • Take a canvas paper 5 inches long and 9.5 inches wide.
  • We will fold it from the between and from the folded side we will mark the neck at 4 inches length wise as well as breadth wise. We will join all the marking and will draw a boat neck by drawing a curve shape.
  • Now we will cut the curved shape and you will get your boat neck ready on the canvas.
  • Now take the front part of the kurti and fold it from the center. Open it and place the neckline right in the middle of the kurti. And draw the neck.
  • We will mark one inches on the neck-line and will place a dori on the one inche mark that we did. Watch the video to get an idea.
  • Keep the dori long. Do it till middle and then start from the other side of the neck and do the design till the middle.
  • Now turn the kurti around and will mark at the center. And will again take the canvas neckline and place on the kurti. Stitch the canvas with the kurti. We are doing this for piping.
  • We will cut the inner extra cloth and fold it on the other side to make piping.
  • Cut the extra cloth on the back side and double fold it and sew it with hand to secure the canvas.
  • We will take moti and place it on the edge of the dori and will do the same for every dori.
  • Mark at one inch of the dori and will take two different dori and stitch it together. And will place a moti on it.
  • We will repeat the process again as we did earlier. (refer point 12)
  • This way you will get a gorgeous criss cross type design.
  • Cut the extra dori and place the moti at the end of the doris.

Yippie! You are ready with your beautiful neck.

Today you learnt three different neck pattern which are very trendy and will go with various outfits. Be it kurti or blouse or even crop top for your skirt you can design these necklines and flaunt it and everyone will surely like it!

Hope you liked our step by step tutorial.

Beautiful Kurta Neck Design Cutting and Stitching Tutorial

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