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Gorgeous Matha Pathi Designs Trending this year

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. When a woman falls in love with jewellery is hard to tell. There is no perfect age or time for it. Being a bride is one such occasion when you are literally allowed to wear all your jewellery. This is the best time to flaunt your love for jewellery.

Matha Patti a former part of the jewellery family is back, and this time with a bang. They had been lost for a couple of years, but now they are back and ruling. This phrase basically comprises of two words ‘matha’ meaning forehead, and ‘Patti’ meaning band. So this is basically a forehead or headband which is an integral part of all bridal look.

The wedding season is just around the corner and we all are looking forward to it. The brides are all losing their sanity over designer ensembles, statement jewellery and so much more. Nothing can fall short to perfection on this big day. Among all the jewellery pieces that you have, a matha Patti is a must have. This can take your entire look up a notch.

We witnessed a few celeb weddings in the last few years and we all noticed that even our Bollywood divas had this piece in their lookbook. In India, where following the celebs is a trend, why should you not be inspired by their wedding day look??

Browsing through the internet and looking at all those famous personalities can be really intimidating. So if also find yourself confused walking through the isles of flooded and tempting Matha Patti designs, we are here to help. In this article, we will bring to you some gorgeous Mattha Patti designs which will enable you to flaunt your inner fashionista on your big day.

1. A vintage princess charm:

This is a very heavy matha patti design. It is loaded with gold and pearls and everything nice. It has a chain of pearls then series of diamonds and again hanging pearls at the end. There is a ruby attached in the middle joining the two bands together. The ruby in the middle of the head band adds to its charm. It covers your forehead almost entirely, thus giving you a princess vibes. Pair it with some heavy jewellery, traditional saree and matching makeup to compliment the piece.

2. Gold design with kundan stones:

Simplicity at it’s best. This pretty matha patti is having a chain of diamonds attached with hanging gold beads. It has a floral design in the middle and two bird motifs on either side. It is topped off with a huge gold bead. Everything about this design is perfect and thus is favourable by many brides.

3. Delicate string matha patti design:

Minimalism is the new trend. This simple yet elegant matha patti is something to die for. Just look at the double stringed gold chain with gold drops, it looks so perfect. To add to its charm we have the huge gold sun like design in the middle with hanging pearls. Pair it with matching jewellery, blingy attire and soft makeup to accentuate the beauty of this piece.

4. Stunning design with pearl hangings:


This piece looks stunning. It is such a piece that you can’t take your eyes off of it. It has two chains of diamonds attached with pearls hanging at the bottom. The middle piece is designed in a floral shape which has a ruby and diamonds surrounded by it all over. It is finished off with pearls at the end. Pair this with contrasting colours with gold work to compliment this piece. Bold or neutral makeup, this piece is all set to rock.

5. Rajasthani matha patti design:

This is one heavy Indian masterpiece. It has traditional Rajasthani borla design in the middle and a crescent shape after that. The entire head band is embedded with red and white gems. It also has circular and drop motifs on either side of the matha patti. It also has multiple pearl hangings at the bottom. Loaded with so many styles this piece is filled with all the goodness that will accentuate a bridal look. Pair it with traditional saree or lehnga and matching makeup to enhance the look.

6. Elegant maang tika design:

This is one of my favourite matha patti design. It is simple and elegant. It is studded with gold and diamonds. It has two golden chains with woven diamonds in it and has pearl droppings at the end. It looks entirely pretty with the teardrop shaped emerald embellishement in the middle. The design and look makes it an utter favourite of all the brides. Pair it with golden hued attires and gold based makeup to elevate the look.

7. Kundan pearl matha patti design:

This matha patti is super classy. It has strings of pearls with white diamonds in between and a diamond drop and pearl hangings at the end. To elevate its beauty is has a huge chandbali in the middle loaded with stones and diamonds. This is a pretty piece to be paired with golden or silver hues and similar glittery makeup. It is such a design that is goes well with almost all the dresses.

8. Double stringed matha Patti design:

Simple and minimal this matha patti is super chic. It features double strings of gold with floral motifs and a emerald stone studded chaandbali in between. It also has attached pearls at the bottom. This is not a complicated or heavy design so it can be paired casually with all your attires. You can use it well on your mehndi or sangeet functions.

9. Green accented matha patti design:

This is another traditional design. It has a wide embellished head band with green accentuates at the bottom. It also has an emerald stone studded box shaped motif in the middle and an embellished crescent at the bottom. The crescent also has green hangings which accentuates the beauty of the head piece. Pair it with matching jewellery for the rest of your look and dark coloured attire to make the piece pop.

10. Gorgeous in gold and pearl:

A very wide head band with gold and pearl. It has woven gold chains with pearls studded at each side. It has pink hangings at the bottom. It comes with a circular embellished motif in the middle with little pearl droppings. Pair it with soft matching hues and pink or gold based makeup to maintain the overall look.

These matha patti are great to opt for bridal wear. These will not only enhance your look but also elevate it. These can even transform your otherwise bland outfit to an uber chic look. So, hope you liked these designs and you have selected your own favourite for your wedding day. For more latest updates stay tuned to FashionShala and stay beautiful.

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