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Latest Designs of Gold Rings for Women

Latest Designs of Gold Rings!

Rings are the best friend of a woman. We beautify our hands by working on our skin and our nails. Constant manicure sessions help us make our hands glow but it is these finger rings which help to beautify our hands. We bring to you these beautiful ring designs to help you beautify your hands beyond measure.

Latest Designs of Gold Rings

The marigold flower type gold ring

This huge gold ring is very beautiful. The intricately designed centre head is very beautiful and depicts the centre of the flower. The side petals are very beautifully formed. The petal design is made in two tiers. The rkng band behind the flower design is sturdy enough to hold the design intact.

The radiance gem, rubies and diamonds ring

This radiant gold ring is very beautiful. The green gem is the centre of the radiant lines. Four rafiant bands have rubies studded in them whereas all the other radiant bands are studded with diamonds. This gold ring brings in the right amount of colour and shine. The sturdy ring band is capable of carrying the weight of this big gold ring.

The flower type gem studded gold ring

This ruby studded flowery ring is a stunning piece. The flower centre is a green gem and the first round is completed around the centre head by a kundan layer. The outer layer is covered in rubies. This gold flower ring looks grand and beautiful. One can surely beautify their hands beyond measure with this beautiful ring. The strong ring band keeps the ring stable and sturdy.

Emerald studded gold ring

This is a beautiful ring with a centre made from a square cut emerald piece. The emerald piece adds the much required lement of colour to the ring. The emerald is placed in a  bed of square bed of diamonds. The circular region around this square bed of diamonds is a circular gold region divided in quadrants. The two opposite quadrants are similarly designed. The ring has a sturdy gold band.

The big circular intricate gold rings

This big circular intricate gold rings are stunning in every aspect. These rings have an outer dial of pearls surrounding the whole gold design. The intricate design has diamond powder dials and the centre of the ring is studded with a beautiful round gem. The bright gem augmenrs the beauty of the gold ring. The gem are in red and green colours. These gems duly add the element of colour to these rings. The strong ring band makes it a combination of sturdy and beauty ring.

Colourful designer gold rings

These are different circular rings. The first heavy ring has a big circular mast with coloured gems in a small circular design. The next ring has a flowery design with maroon gems at the ends of the petals. The third ring has a flowery design with colourful gem additions at the outermost dial. Tbe centre of the ring has a colourful gem. The last ring has a circular gold portion with bright sky blue gem additions. All these rings are very beautiful. They are reliable with respect to their strong ring bands.

Traditional heavy gold ring design

This is a beautiful heavily ornated circular gold ring. It has the outermost lining of pearls with other gem details on the inside. The circular gold portion has finer gold detailings. The centre of the ring has a beautiful magenta gem at the centre. The side dials of the centre has various designs made out of gold filaments. The shapes are filled with bright green gem pieces. The circular rings all around the ring are filled with small gems. The big ring is supported with strong and sturdy ring bands.

Real like Flower design gold design

This is a so real looking flower ring. This gold ring has flower petals made with gold. The petals are patterened and designed using gold filaments. The centre portion of the ring has round rubies topped with gold dots. The rubies make it look like a ripe flower. The petals are intricately designed using gold designs. The heavy ring comes with a sturdy gold band. The ring is damage proof.

The flower leaf design gold ring

This is a very beautiful flower designer gold ring. The ring has a circular centre. The centre is beautifully adorned with a circular magenta gem. The gem is rounded with a ring of gems. The side petals are designed using leaves. The gold petals are designed beautiful using gold leaves. The two adjacent petals have gold dots at the ends. The ring has a sturdy gold band.

Peacock feather base gold ring

This circular designer gold ring is lined with gold filament designs. The designs are coloured. The centre of the outer lining has peacock feather base. The base looks very beautiful with the gold designing on top of it. The flowery gold design on top of the peacock feather base looks very alluring. The sturdy band is very suitable. The ring looks very beautiful. The peacock base ring goes with every attire.

Double lined ring with beautiful flower design

This is a very beautiful design. The flower design at the base of the two pronged rings looks very beautiful. The other end of the ring is very beautifully adorned with design made in gold. The end is designed with gold stems and bulbs. The gold dots at the top of bulbs look beautiful. The flower design is lively and bright at the end of the two prongs. The flower has a gem centre lined with small gems. The outer petals are well made with gold foil. The two pronged ring design looks very beautiful.

All these rings look very beautiful. They are surely stunners and beautify your hands beyond measure. The slim slender hands look very beautiful paired with these rings. You should take care of your rings. Do not manhandle your rings. These big rings are delicate even after ensuring their sturdiness, they can pose issues regarding fall-offs and damage.

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