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Latest Indian Bridal Short & Designer Long Necklace

We all love jewellery right? and when it comes to necklace,they hold a special place in our heart.Necklaces have the power to make or break your look.They instantly add an oomph to your outfit the moment you wear it.A right pair of necklace can also let people determine your class or status.

Necklaces are such a game changer.Every women has that constant queries about which necklace to pair with which saree and what necklaces to wear on which occasion. And if she is a bride,then she has tons of questions in her mind.That’s all about our today’s topic. Here, I will be showing you some beautiful neck pieces and tell how to style it.So lets begin:

Stone-pearl choker necklace set:

Look at this beautiful neck piece.It has got a rare combination of stones and pearls all in one.It will take your entire look to a next level.This has a beautiful choker and another long necklace added to it which makes it look stunning.Those big earrings with this necklace set amplifies the beauty even more.You can wear this set to your close relative’s wedding or even the bride itself can wear this neck piece on her reception day.You can add a stone bracelet to amplify the look even more. Team it up with a lehenga or even any saree but trust me this necklace will make all heads turn.

Beaded layered necklace set:


This look is all about being classy.I am pretty sure this neck piece reminds you of those rich wives from the TV serials.You can see them wearing such pieces to any special function.And isn’t it great if we can recreate their looks because at the end of the day they are our fashion inspirations.Look at how this beautiful necklace looks like.It has a beautiful contrast of two colours-a light and a darker golden.Moreover look at the beautiful combination of smaller and larger¬† beads.The jhumka earrings with this piece is a rare combination and amplifies this look even more.Team it up with a red lehenga or a red saree because the combination of golden and red is magnificent and this necklace will make your look even gorgeous.

Pearl-stone round necklace set:

This pearl and stone necklace set is doing rounds like no tomorrow.Look at how unique this design looks.Surrounded by pearls on both corners,the stone design pops out from the middle.You can wear this necklace to an engagement party or a reception.This set is so classy it will definitely not fail to make you look gorgeous.The earrings with this set have their own unique charm.They are way different from various earrings out there.This earring will look stunning on taller people.Shorter people may skip this as it will make the look a little clumsy for them.

Beaded golden neck piece:

This design is a little similar to a design that we showed you before.But they have their own uniqueness.This particular design is trending as hell.So here i decided to show you different kinds of them so that you can choose any one of your choice or all of them if you want.This neckpiece i find is perfect for the bride’s mother for her daughter’s special day.This golden neckpiece when teamed up with red or a maroon saree will look beautiful.Also the design is not very heavy and so it will make you look very subtle.The jhumkas have their very own unique design.It is not very heavy but instantly catches eye.

Diamond shine flower design pearl set:

Look at this shiny pearl necklace.Can’t take off your eyes,isn’t it? No doubt this neck piece is an absolute stunner.And also owns the capability to make you look like a stunner.It is so classy and such beautiful I bet you if you wear this,get ready to hear a ton of compliments.The most attractive part is the shine that this set has.The flower design at the top right corner makes it even prettier.You do not need to pair heavy earrings with this set.All you need is studs ladies.Pair it up with pearl studs and you are all set to rock.

V-shaped choker necklace set:This necklace is slightly on the heavier side.It has a very unique colour combination.The choker has a v shape and a very rare colour combination.The long necklace with it is white with stones and pearls.This style is really pretty and will make you look even prettier.It is such a versatile piece,you can just style it with any outfit and it will look gorgeous.

Flower design beaded necklace set:

Like i said before,beaded necklaces are the trendiest and they also are capable of taking your look to a new level.This necklace also has a unique touch to it.It has flower designs behind the beads.The flowers are making this necklace from a simple one to a gorgeous one.The earrings are absolutely in similar design with this necklace.You can wear other matching earrings if you want but i would recommend you not to wear any other earring than this one with this necklace because this matching earring is very rare.We usually dont get earrings of the same design and that’s exactly where you will stand out.

Golden infinite loop necklace:

This is a little similar to a previously shown design.But this a golden neck piece.It is quite rare to find a golden necklace in such a rare design.It has a very pretty design on the top right corner with a pink stone design.Team it up with any pink saree because that will really open the look of the saree as the combination of pink and golden will look really good.Again this is a heavy necklace so you need not wear any heavy earring,you can just pair it up with small golden and pink studs.

Half-stone half pearl design necklace:

This necklace is a combination of two different designs.It has half stone design and the other part has a pearl design. On the left side,there is a beautiful stone design and on the right side it has a pearl design. This is a very unique necklace and will catch eye in moments.I think every lady should own such a necklace because it will be awesome for any function. This is not a very heavy necklace so you can wear a little heavy earrings with it,that will make the look even better.

Triple layered stone necklace set:

This necklace is perfect for any wedding occasion.The necklace is heavy and the earrings are also heavy.It also has a matching ring that will look great when worn together. For getting an even better look,pair it up with a pink saree as the necklace, the earring and the ring all of them have pink stones that will match with your outfit and make you look stunning. Put on some pink lipstick and you will be ready to catch all the eyes.

The three layered bold necklace:

This necklace is a really heavy one and perfect for any wedding ocassion or the bride itself.Look at the combination of three beautiful necklaces-a choker,a tassel necklace and an even longer beaded one.In short it is a 3 in 1 necklace. You can pair some small yellow tassel or stone earrings with it but it should not be very heavy. The longest necklace has a lovely combination of stones and beads that looks absolutely stunning. The tassel necklace at the middle is a rare combination and catches the eye.But the prettiest of the three is the choker.Look at the beautiful design of the choker. This necklace with look any colour that adds good contrast to yellow colour. Get ready to get tons of compliments from your colleagues or friends once you wear this necklace.

I hope these jewellery ideas have helped you select the right piece for you and the newly wed ones I hope this blog has given solutions to all your questions. Do try these jewellery ideas and let me know how they turned out.Hope you liked my blog. Stay tuned for our next update.Till then stay fashionable.

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