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Quick Office Makeup & Hairstyles You Must Try

We know our skin is not flawless. To project a certain image out into the world , people use makeup. In winters when we do not want to get up from our warm and cozy bed, getting ready for college or office is a challenging task.

But you want to look simple and refreshing in a little time so that you do not get late. So here is how can you rock with just 5 minutes touch up or make up.

5 Minute Office Makeup & Hairstyle

The products that are used in the video are given below

  1. Ponds bb cream
  2. Maybelline fit me compact shade natural
  3. Maybelline concealer shade medium
  4. Miss Claire eyebrow pencil
  5. Plum kohl shade up town brown
  6. Wet n wild lip color shade smooth mauves

So first thing you have to do is to moisturize your face and then take a small amount of bb cream which is mentioned above.

Dot it using your index and middle finger and then blend it properly and do not forget to apply it under your eyes. A bb cream also works as a moisturizer and foundation. It brightens our skin tone and camouflages the blemishes.

Now for concealing your dark circles you can either use that same bb cream or concealer. Concealer gives you coverage to an extent. Apply concealer on your pigmented area like near your lips as there in the video.

Blend it with the help of ring finger as this finger is quite soft as compared to other fingers. Now use the compact and especially on the region where you have applied the concealer.

Let us come to eyebrows. Sometimes our brows do not grow in a perfect manner as we wish them to so to make them look good and shaped use eyebrow pencil as mentioned. Now fill in the gaps where there is sparse growth of brow and with the help of brush as shown in video brush or comb your brows so that it may look perfect. Now use plum kohl shade up town brown kajal.

It is quite long lasting so there will be no need of touchup , moreover it is brown so it gives a soft look to your eyes and looks really simple and natural.

Apply kajal on the outer V as there in video. Do the same with upper lash line and then smudge it with the help of finger. It is an office so we cannot really apply shimmer and eye shadows.

Then use Maybelline lash sensational mascara. Now use blush as shown in the video. Just apply a light shade so that it may not look overboard and just looks refreshing. Use wet n wild lip color shade smooth mauves which is a very pretty shade or any other shade of your choice.

It just gives a natural pigmented look to your lips and they look very cute. It makes them look naturally beautiful. Now you can make a high ponytail and adjust your hair from front and sides to frame your face.

Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

Handling long hair is tedious task .So here comes 3 easy ponytail styles which you can do for any occasion. These are very simple to do and they look very beautiful.

So for first one patch your hair on the side and then start twisting your hair from front with both hands. Hold the twist and pull on it slightly and then start twisting it till the end.

It is a very easy twisting. You just have to gather hair and twist it moving along hairline and then to secure it with the butterfly clip shown in video just to hold it temporarily. Now repeat the same what you have done till now on the other side as well.

Pull the hair slightly and keep twisting all the hair till the back and secure both the sides by butterfly clip and then release the clip, use a rubber band and take the rest of the hair in a ponytail.

Wrap the section of the hair around the pony tail around the rubber band to hide the rubber band and secure with a bobby pain. So first style is done,. You can do this on any occasion.

Now for the second one start with side parting again and then comb your hair towards the back and do it very smoothly. Now with the help of your hand smoothen or flatten the hair as there in the video.

Slide a bobby pin upwards the hair and then take another bobby pin and just check where the first bobby pin is and insert it right next to it moving upwards and similarly move the third bobby pin and the fourth too. So that hair gets properly tucked in.

Now take the rest of the hair and comb it towards the bobby pin. Comb it towards the pin to cover it and start rolling rest of the hair downwards like twisting only. Remember to twist the hair till you reach neck and use a U shaped pin to secure the twist so that may not open.

Now take the rest of the hair into a ponytail and just pull on a couple of times so that the rubber band moves upwards and is hidden under the twist and it will give a French knot sort of a look and this is very beautiful.

Now comes the third one which is very simple. Just take the sections from the front and start twisting it and secure it with a bobby pin moving into the twist and take rest of the hair into a side ponytail.

Slide the rubber band down and make an opening in the center. Flip the ponytail inwards and pull tightly. Wrap a section of hair around rubber band.

Take another rubber band and wrap it around once again pull tight. Pull it a couple of times so that rubber band moves up and is hidden under the hair. So these are three cute ponytail styles which are simple and pretty.

Top 5 Minutes Hairstyles For Office

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