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Blouse Patterns on Religious Theme

Life is all about following the trends. From Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar we all see a pre decorated list lined up for every year. While we move forward in this year, we would be carrying some of the last year’s trend with us.

Following a trend is quite easy, everybody does so. Why not be a trendsetter?? Yeah girls, you heard me right. We are about to share some options by which you can set your own trend for the upcoming season.

In this article we will share with you some divine saree blouses, that are really trending right now. So ditch all your conventional blouses and opt for these to be a head Turner. From Silk to Pattu sarees there is a wide range of options. Even the brides can go for these for a more traditional yet quirky look.

1. Cotton painted blouse design:

This is a very simple blouse design. The deity is painted on the red blouse. The golden embroidery, the sleeveless pattern and a zip on the back adds to the perks of this blouse. This divine saree blouse can be worn with cotton, Chiffon and Georgette sarees. This is tradition meeting modern. So go for this for a casual look.

2. Embroidered blouse design:

This blouse has the diety embroidered all over. It is not painted like the above one.  The embroidery on the sleeves make this even more trendy. The gorgeous pink colour makes this design even more prominent. It is favoured by South Indian brides more. It is good to be worn with all south Indian sarees. Finish it off with some traditional jewellery.

3. Heavily embroidered blouse design:

This is a great bridal blouse design. Since gods and goddesses are associated with all things great, and marriage is just a perfect occasion to wear this. You can even wear it for some cultural functions. The deity embroidered at the back and the heavily embroidered elbow length sleeves are perfect for some auspicious occasion. Finish it off with traditional jewellery.

4. Maggam work blouse design:

This is part painting and part embroidery blouse design. The deity is painted at the back and then embroidered. The lace borders on the sleeves make it appropriate for bridal wears. This design is quite cool and trendy and can even be worn for any festive occasion.

5. Elbow embroidered blouse design:

This blouse design is yet another fancy one. The silk blouse has elbow length sleeves and the goddess is embroidered on the sleeves. This type of sleeve design are perfect for those who has are a slightly heavier on the arm side. It has lace borders on the neck to make it prettier. Pair it up with a solid Silk saree and some heavy jewellery to finish your bridal look.

6. Sheer embroidery blouse design:

If you think the embroidery on the sleeves and back are enough, then that is not all. Here are some sheer embroidery blouse designs. Since sheer is very much on a trend right now, then why not incorporate it in your blouses. The blouse has a sheer back and the diety is embroidered at the back in the form of a cut work. This trendy piece is perfect to wear on your weddings or any festivities. You cannot ask for more. Pair it up with solid sarees and subtle jewellery to finish your look.

7. Colour blocked painted back blouse design:

This is a perfect blouse for any festive occasion. Radha krishna is painted at the back of the blouse instead of the usual embroidery. This also has a red and black colour block design which makes it a favourite. The red piping on the sleeves makes it even more beautiful. You can wear this with cotton or silk or Chiffon sarees to look gorgeous.

8. Back embroidered blouse design:

In this blouse the deity is embroidered rather than painted. The colour contrast in this blouse is utterly beautiful. The ounk blouse is embroidered with golden threads to make it an appropriate festive choice.

9. Bridal embroidered blouse design:

This blouse is so heavily embroidered that it is perfect for bridal wear. This has the right amount of bling in all the right places. The ever trending standing Radha Krishna is embroidered in the contrasting blue and red threads to make this even more dazzling. This divine piece is so peaceful and soothing to the eyes that you can not say no to this. This will go well with all your bridal sarees to give it an even more heavy look. Finish off with traditional jewellery. 

12. Royal blue blouse design:

This blouse as the colour is so royal and gorgeous. This is definitely something that I would wear. If you are looking for something casual yet sophisticated, this is it. Just go for it. It has an almost closed neck, with elbow length sleeves. The deity embroidered at the back adds to the beauty of it. The subtle embellishment is another bonus. The evergreen polka dots are also an add on. There is nothing that you wouldn’t love about this blouse. This is a must have in everyones closet.

Now that you have had this eccentric couture tour, select your favourite piece to glam up this festive season. Even though it is very different from the intricate saree motifs that you are used to, these are gorgeous. They will instantly spice up your outfit. Till then stay tuned to Fashionshala and stay beautiful!

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