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South Indian Wedding Bride and Groom Photography

Bride and Groom Photography!

Wedding are the most important events for the Bride and groom as well as their family members. Marriage¬† marks the beginning of ‘forever’ for the bride and groom. India is known for its wedding! They are loud, they are crazy, they are full of fun and rich in culture.

South Indian weddings are no less! Just like any common Indian wedding, sounding weddings are full of rituals and traditions filled with fun games, loud musics, traditional customs and lots of food and dance. This wedding reflects the rich culture of South India. Depending on the different religion south Indian wedding last from 2 days to 6-7 days.

One of the most important thing in any wedding is the “Photographer.” Photography is very important in any special event because it captures the memory of a lifetime. A look at a photo and it brings back all the memories. There are so many rituals – Pre-marriage ritual, marriage rituals, post marriage rituals, it’s just impossible to imagine a wedding without a photographer or a videographer.

Here we will give you an idea or you can say a glimpse on a south Indian wedding with the help of these beyond beautiful photos!

1. Father – Daughter Duo

A father is and will always be a daughters first love and her Superhero. As per the traditions, a daughter has to leave her parents home and go to the groom’s house. A wedding is a very emotional period for any father. This beautiful photo shows us the pure love of a daughter and a father.

2. The Romantic Picture!

These pictures show the shy and romantic bride and groom. Every bride wants to be seen at the way the groom is looking at her. In any south Indian wedding, nature is the most important thing. Most of the weddings are conducted in an open area.

This picture shows the pure love between the bride and groom. To get this perfect shot, you need to wear a south Indian attire. The groom is in a traditional lungi and white shirt while the bride is in off white saree. Both wearing a green leaf garland.

In the next south Indian wedding you attend, make your partner wear this same combo, and try getting this perfect shots.

3. All Smile!!

In this picture, Both the bride and groom are wearing there million dollars smiles! Just looking at this lovely photograph will bring a smile on your face.

Here, the girl is wearing a beautiful and attractive Yellow and pink color lehenga, along with the minimal Indian Jewelry. The boy, on the other hand, is in a monochrome Maroon color jodhpuri. Jodhpuri is basically a sleeveless jacket on the kurta pajama.

People do look prettiest in Indian Cloths!

4. The Power Couple

Wearing a matching color attire shows the bond between two people! Don’t you feel the love when two people are always color coordinated? Here, both the guy and girl are wearing an attractive Blue color.

The bride is wearing a blue south Indian style saree and some traditional gold jewelry. She has also put the real flower hairstyle which is very much common in Indian weddings. The groom is seen wearing the traditional south Indian lungi and a blue shirt. Both are looking gorgeous in this Outfit and in this photo.

5. Wedding rituals:

All the Indian weddings are full of rituals. Each and every ceremony holds some message or some sort of story behind it. These rituals and stories make a wedding more beautiful.

South Indian wedding is no different. Rice is showered on the bride as if they are the blessing! Yes, that’s right. The guest showers the rice on the bride and groom as blessings. This ritual has its beautiful story.

In ancient times, rice was considered as a wealthy grain. One day, A farmer in his daughter’s wedding threw rice on her head as if blessing her with the wealth and good health. And in this way, this ritual came into wedding ceremonies.

This picture captures the beautiful story and we can see how happy the bride accepts the rice.

6. The Mastikhor/mischief couple:

This is a very funny photo of bride and groom. Photos are the most precious things as they help us to hold on to the memories that our brain might forget.

It looks like the groom is shocked after finding out that his brides hair as not as long as he expected it to be. And the bride is shocked and a little embarrassed. Isn’t this what life is all about? Knowing each other little by little every day?

You will also see that the bride is looking so beautiful in her kanjivaran south Indian saare with signature gajra hairstyle and heavy gold jewelry and the groom is seen in a simple white kurta and dhoti.

In this picture, you can see the groom in a beautiful navy blue and white jodhpuri with goggles complimenting his look and the bride in south Indian Silk saree with beautiful jewelry on her neck, earrings and on her forehead.

They are adorably looking at each other with all the love!

7: Funny Picture:

Simplicity at its best! The bride is seen wearing a sunrise yellow saree with gajra in her hair while the groom is seen with a serious face yet a funny turban thing in this head.

Does not every bride wish a life partner who can make her laugh by doing some or the other antics? Yes! They do!

That killer look:

This photo stands true to the quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” You can see the bride smiling at the camera striking a pose and the groom behind is looking at her with so much love.

The bride is wearing a red silk saree with a green blouse and decent jewelry and gajra. She has a beautiful Mehendi (henna design) on her hands and the groom is seen wearing a simple white kurta.

The location:

This is such a simple photo and yet is so eye-catching! The bride and groom are sitting on the stairs and the groom is holding the bride and looking at her. The bride is feeling shy due to this gesture.

What’s more attractive is the vintage location of the photo. the woods behind them and the house like structure is giving life and a whole new perspective to the photo.

The poise post:

This picture shows that this is captured outside a temple. The bell indicates that its a temple. This shows the pure love between the husband and wife. The forehead kiss gesture shows the trust between the two.

The decoration is very decent and royal. With the real flower and golden bell, it is breathtaking and very photogenic place.

After-wedding photo:

This picture is taken after the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are seen wearing the flower garland or warmala as we say it.

The bride is wearing a beautiful silk saree with heavy gold jewelry and the groom is wearing a white kurta with a dhoti.

We are at the end of the article! Hope this photos gave you some “couple-goal” Wedding photo ideas. If you are planning on doing wedding south Indian style then brace yourself and be ready for all the fun and excitement this wedding will give. Tell us if you liked these photos and if you striked any pose from the above pictures.

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