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Wedding Photography Poses for Every Bride’s Wedding Album

Everyone wants beautiful memories in their wedding album. So that whenever you look at your photos you can cherish your memories. So here are some different poses which you can perform in your wedding and make your wedding album look more beautiful. You need to choose them according to your requirements.

A pose on sofa

Everyone’s face is not photogenic. So if you want a good picture of yours then you can try for some natural poses or what you call random or candid clicks. Okay, so sometimes we normally talk and if someone clicks your photo at that time then either it appears blur or we might not get what we were expecting. So for a candid or random pic you can do your natural activities like laughing smiling etc. and pretend that you have no idea of the camera. Then your photos will actually come good when you stay for a while when you’re laughing or doing anything else. This gives a very cute pose.

Image Source: Knotting Bells

Cheek kiss pose

Kiss is a very true symbol of love. When two people or two souls unite then they unite by love not by compulsion. So people kiss when there is too much love between them. But in some families people keep these things private, so if your family allows you to be bold enough to be love birds in your wedding album then go for this picture. It will always remind you of your past kisses and will make your memories alive.

Image Source: EM photography

An intimate pose

So you might have noticed in Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding there was one picture in which Deepika was laughing and Ranveer was looking at her as if he sees his life and his world in front of him. So this pose is very unique. Try this if you can because if you’ll look at her normally then it won’t be a good photo, so true to bring as much love as you can in your eyes. It’s a very special pose for her because she’s leaving her home for you so obviously she expects love care and attention from you and only you.

Image Source: Dipak Studios

Take her up in your arms

If your family is a cool one type then this is a very nice pose for your wedding album. Take her up in your arms and try to bring some of the relatives in background to make it appear like a natural one that this photo is clicked in front of everyone as you’re not shy in holding her in your arms. The people here and there can shower some rose petals to make you feel more romantic.

Image Source: Navdeep Soni 

Shy one pic

This type of pose is best suited for the girls who are shy and don’t like to show their love publicly. They don’t want any kissing or embracing photos in their album but still want to show their love for their groom. Groom can pose like he’s hugging or embracing her lightly and she’s feeling shy so she looks downwards. Make sure your eyelashes are big enough to make you look appear even more beautiful. And if you don’t have such eyelashes then you can attach artificial ones. Smile on your lips should be a cute one. You just need to smile not laugh. This pose actually shows that you’re feeling his love, his hug.

Image Source: Dipak Studios   

A unique picture

Usually groom holds the bribe in his arms. But if you are a bold bride then the opposite of this pose can be a good pose.Try to perform this pose wearing a light weight saree so that it is not difficult for you to grab him in your arms. The groom should smile broadly. For much better pose groom can hold some flowers in his hand. The dress in the given picture depicts that this is somewhat a south Indian wedding dresses. Groom can wear either sports shoes or casual shoes.

Image Source: EM photography 

A cute pose

For this pose you must wear something matching. The bride has to stand near the groom and look away from him in a shy manner like most of the Indian brides are supposed to do with a soft and sweet smile on her lips. Similarly groom has to look with a cute smile but he has to look at her with all his love and affection to her. Groom can either hold her waist or can stand in the similar way as shown in the picture.

A pose in the forest

This is a very unique pose and almost looks like a candid or random click. The groom can stand in front of a tree or near a tree and the bride should stand in front of him little distance away from me and facing him. She can pose in whatever way she like. She can act like a shying bride. Her dress should be fully shown in the pics that is important.

Image Source: Immense Vision 

An eye to eye contact

People who want some different poses in their wedding can try this one. Groom can hold bride’s hand like it is done in couple dance. Girl and boy should look in each others eyes with love and affection. There should be sweet smile on both the faces. The bride should take one round while holding his hand on her position only. Then her dress will look more beautiful. The blue colour of stole is giving a very pretty look to the photograph.

Image Source: Shades Photography 

A kissing pose

If you are bold enough to allow a photo of yours when you are kissing each other on lips in your wedding album. Its actually not a proper lip kiss you just have to keep each others lips close enough and act like you guys are kissing. Bride can hold groom’s face with love. This pic will depict your love intimacy and affection.

Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

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