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Stylish And Trendy Kurti Neck Designs

Designer kurtis are back in fashion. One and all are looking forward to trendy kurtis. We all love to wear those trendy and fashionable pieces of clothing. They are just so adorable. A lot goes on the fashion front as the time goes on. Let us check out the best of the lot of the trendy kurti neck designs for the upcoming year.

The folded neck design

This is a very sweet design. The design comes with a sideways fold. The fold ends in a long button tape. The button tape has contrasting piping all along its length. You can either close all the buttons and wear a round neck or keep some buttons open and fold the neck design. You can wear it with open loose curls. Add statement earrings to this attire. Long sleeves make you look more sweet and slender. Add light makeup to this look.

The high neck collar and centric button tape

This is a very good design. It will rock the new year designs for a long time. The kurti has a different panel for the bodice, the button tape is centric. It has got no sleeves and has ruffles like a frock at the base of the yoke. This adds up the design at the base of the kurti. The buttons at the button tape has two coloured buttons. Teem it up with open hair. Add on light makeup. Minimalist jewellery choice will be favoured.

Round neck design with stylish buttons

This is stylish as well as classic neck design that you can wear in parties, family functions or at home. The color combination is also perfect that will definitely suit to your style.

The round neck with rectangular detailing

This is a very soothing design. It has a cooling effect on the wearer as well as the onlooker. It is a very good choice for summer months. This neck design has a round neck with bright detailings. The detailings are very much special to this design. It is embroidered all over all around the neckline. It defines the neckline.

Round neck with V-slit kurti neck design

It is a unique design. The neckline is round with a v-slit in the centre. The neckline has aside plates on both sides of the slit. The slit has embroidery panels on both sides. It looks good with light jewellery and the fresh dewy makeup. Just do not overdo the accessories. You can wear it with braided or the open hair.

High collar with central slit and button tape

This is a very different panel kurti design. It has a high collar at the neckline. The centre line has a different coloured panel in it with buttons on both sides of the panel. The buttons are superficial. The panel in the centre, provides for an inclusion of different colours into the attire. It is very well suited with good earrings and light makeup. Wear it with a messy bun or open hair. A sling bag will look good with this kurti neck design.

Round neckline, centered slit kurti design

This is a very beautiful design. This kurti has a circular neckline. It has a small centered slit. The centered slit is closed using a button at the top. The centre panel continues all along its length. The panel is closed at the centre of the length again using a few buttons. It gives a nice effect to this kurti design. Pair it up with a messy bun and a bright lip colour. Do add statement hanging earrings. Minimalist jewellery concept will work with this.

The round piped neck kurti design

This is a very novel kurti design. It has a beautiful bright piping on the round neckline. The neckline is adorned with beautiful different coloured buttons. The same piping is applied to the sleeves. All over the kurti is kept plain. It does not require heavy jewellery to make this look good. You can wear open hair with this attire.

The high collar neckline with quirky button tape

This is a very beautiful kurti design. It has a high collar neckline with a sideways button tape. In this kurti design the buttons are made of the same cloth as the kurti. It is a very formal look. The long sleeves of this kurti are beautifully embellished with embroidery. It looks very good with sleek open hair. There is no need of jewellery with this look but you can still opt for light jewellery with this kurti. A light brush of makeup will look good with this beautiful kurti.

High neck collar with patterened neck tape

This is a very beautiful kurti design. It has a high neck collar and it has a beautifully patterened tape along the centre line of the kurti. The beautiful tape helps the kurti become a new rage. We can teem ip up with open hair or a messy bun. Light makeup look will suit it very well.

The high collar with hidden button tape kurti design

This is a very beautiful kurti design. It has a beautiful design. It is well beautified with bright piping around the neck and at the end of the sleeves. The neckline and the sleeves have beautiful embroidery on them. The collar also has the bright piping with the embroidery all over it. It can be beautifully paired with side part hair. Add a blush of makeup and small trinkets will be a good addition as jewellery.

Bright hued collar detailing kurti design

This is surely a winner design. The kurti has a bright hued detailing on the colkar design and the detailing below the neckline. The bright colour piping follows an angrakha design. It pops the kurti and makes it a beautiful choice. Pair it up with open hair. Add a blush of makeup with a bright pink hued. Add statement earrings or bangles to this look to beautify it.

The high collar with button tape design kurti design

This is a very beautiful design. The kurti has a beautiful collar detailing and button tape design. Beautiful buttons on the button tape beautify this kurti design. You can wear it with a messy bun. Add silver jewellery to this attire. You can also wear bangles with this attire. Top it up with a fresh dewy makeup look.

Cross bow embroidered neckline kurti design

This is a beautiful kurti design. It has a cross bow piping design. The neckline is detailed with embroidery. The leafy embroidery looks great. The same embroidery pattern is made on the sleeves. The long sleeves make you look graceful. This kurti can be very well teemed up with open straight hair. You can add kohl rimmed eyes with a bright red lip colour. Apply red nail polish to your nails. You can also wear some rings.

Pseudo folded embroidered neckline kurti design

This is a simplistic design yet it is elegant. This kurti has an angular neckline. The upper triangular portion is heavily embroidered and gives a feel of a fold. The pseudo fold ends in dori and latkan. It makes it look like an angrakha. This can be beautifully teemed up with soft curls and light makeup. Do add a bright hued lip colour. You can add armlets to this attire.

The high collar kurti design with knotted buttons

This is a very formal looking kurti design. The kurti is single coloured. It has a high collar. Its button tape is quite different from common button tapes. This kurti has knotted buttons all through the central button tape. It will look great with loose curls. You can complete this look with silver jewellery and fresh dewy makeup. You can add winged liner to this look to make it look more beautiful.

We have summarised the top notch trendy kurti neck designs which will surely rock this upcoming year. Do set your hearts on the best pieces and inculcate them in your wardrobe for the best year ahead.

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