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Trending Palazzo Pants Bottom Designs

Palazzo pants are in latest trend.Lets face it,from kids to teenagers to actresses,everyone is rocking it.But,to be the face in the crowd one needs to be unique. And this article will definitely help you to be the face in the crowd.

Here, I will show you four designs by which you can modify your simple palazzo pant into a unique one at home just by yourself.All you need is to know how to stitch and you need to have a canvas or pasting paper.

You can choose any one design or try out all the four designs that I have given description about in this article.

Beautiful & Trending Palazzo Pant’s Bottom Designs

For the first design go through the following steps,

  • First,take your palazzo pant.
  • Now,mark pant length.
  • Then,turn bottom from this mark.
  • Now,mark at the middle.
  • Then,take a thin string and cut small pieces approx 2 inch long.
  • Mark 8 inches long on middle mark and cut it.
  • Now,make loops from string pieces and attach with the pant in the same line.
  • Stitch the opposite side,cut extra length of the loops.
  • Take a straight strip approx 3 inches wide,keep slit part on it and stitch.
  • Cut it from slit,cut extra part of the slit and stitch on the edge in opposite sides of loops.
  • Now,repeat the same stitch on the other side of the pant.
  • Stitch potlies on the other side in such a way that it can be entered into the loops stitched on the other side.

And the first design is ready!

Now for the second design,

  • For this design, take your palazzo pant.
  • Mark the length on it but mark 1 inch less.
  • Turn and sew from below.
  • First mark bottom width and attach colourful potlies on the mark on the end.
  • Cut extra fabric from opposite side.
  • Now,take a canvas or pasting paper strip approx. 1.2 inch wide.
  • Mark every 1.2 inch along the length and connect them making semi-circles and cut it.
  • Take a thick fabric,keep canvas on the long end and sew roughly.
  • Now double fold and sew again near the edge.
  • Cut extra fabric from both sides and make slit cuts.
  • Now,turn and iron it.
  • Then,turn extra fabric inside and stitch well.
  • Now,attach potlies with it.

And the second design is ready!

Latest Bottom Design for Palazzo Pant

Now,for the third design,

  • Take your palazzo pant.
  • First leave some slit on the side of the pant and mark your pant’s length.
  • Now turn extra cloth and sew .
  • Repeat the same for the other end.
  • Then,mark 2.5 inch for cut and sew remaining slit if needed.
  • Sew the corner of the cut properly.
  • After this,take two pasting or canvas strips.
  • Take broadness according to pant’s width and take 2 inch length,now turn it from the middle.
  • Now,double fold,leave some space and mark every 1.5 inch along the length and connect them drawing semicircles.
  • Now,cut the entire strip and place on the fabric and stitch it with the cloth.
  • Attach the other strip in the same way.
  • Now,cut the gap between the two strips.
  • Sepearte the two designs,turn extra fabric from both sides and stitch well.
  • Stitch other strip in the same way.
  • Now,attach these with the pant just above the slit horizontally keeping one design over the other.
  • Stitch along the edge of the canvas.
  • Now,cut extra cloth from inside and make small slit cuts on both sides.
  • Cut the other one in the same way.
  • Then,turn it and iron it and to get a good finishing,stitch at the edge.
  • Now,attach small beads on the cut with a needle and fit buttons if necessary to amplify the look.

And here you go! The third design is also ready.

For the fourth design,

  • Take your palazzo pant and make any design of your choice on the front side.
  • Mark your pant’s length,fitting and mark 2 inch for slit.
  • Now,mark 5 inch above this and take its middle point.
  • Turn it from the middle and draw a curved line upto 1.5 inch and make loop like designs.
  • Now,cut the curved line
  • Apply the same line on the other side and mark 5 inch from the cut on both sides.
  • Take a cloth,keep pant’s bottom on it and sew according to the design.
  • After sewing,cut extra fabric.
  • Make small slits and cut extra fabric from back side.
  • Now,turn the fabric on the wrong side and sew the edge for a beautiful finishing.
  • Now,cut loop shapes from a canvas or pasting paper.
  • Then,paste the shapes with any coloured cloth with iron.
  • Now turn the fabric on the back side and stitch.
  • Before this,make two slits on both sides,turn and stitch well.
  • Stitch those designs with the palazzo pant after making a small slit at the bottom of the pant.
  • Then,attach beads in the slit area.

Voila! The fourth design is ready as well.

Thus,following these techniques you can make your palazzo pant’s unique and eye catching.These palazzo designs are totally unique and can amp up your look in no time.Team it up with any kurta,add a bindi and heavy earrings and you are good to go.It would take a little time,but be patient because the result will be beautiful.

If you do not have any palazzo pant,do check the description box of the videos I have given,there you will find links from where you can order one for yourself.And you can be the face in the crowd.

I hope you find this article helpful. Stay tuned for our next update. Till then stay fashionable.

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