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Glamorous Nail Art Designs

We all love to get done our nails in beautiful manicures and then covered up in beautiful nailpaints. Nail painting has been a practice since many decades. They make our hands look pretty and enticing. The nail paint also saves our nails from damage and wear. Nail eating habits are also cured by painting the nails. It surely glams up our attires. Every girl or woman looks forward to that glam ul session in the month where her nails get cared for and glammed up. We can obviously paint our nails on our own but going for a manicure is a must to take care of your nail cuticles and the nail shape, it is not something you can do completely on your own. I am sure you are all thrilled to know about the trendy and glamorous nail designs which are going to rock the upcoming year. Let us get started with some of the beautiful nail art designs.


This is an alluring nail art design. The almond shape and the mid length of this manicure makes it a perfect choice. The cuticles have been well managed as you can see no bumps along the nail root. The turquoise polish used is a gel polish which gives the perfect shine and glam. You can surely grow your nails to this length to get this manicure done or get fake almond nails add-ons if you are not a fan of growing your nails out to achieve this look. Just add some beautiful rings to your hands to make it a perfect match for your attire.

Bright Orange

These bright hued glitter nails are surely the sunkissed ones. They are bright and a perfect match for the summers and the beach. The not so long nail length is suitable for daily routine work as well as playing in the sand. They are easy to clean. The cuticles are well maintained. The gell nail paint is well applied on the rounded nails. If you get a glitter gel nail polish it is the best choice but if you cannot find it you can coat your simple bright coat with a glitter nail paint voat on top of it. Combine these nails with beautiful armlets.

Neon Green

These are very beautiful nails. They have an almond shape and the neon green nail paint is sure to stand out. You can increase the length of your nails and then get this witch nail art or just get add-ons for your nails to achieve this look. They are a hit all through the year. Just rock them with or without a top coat. You can get these nails done in gel polish to get the best results or top it up with clear nail polish. This methid finish is known as china glaze. The pointed tips must not be brought near small children. Pair these witch nails with equally bold dresses and some rings. Prefer gem rings over band rings with this nail art. You can also add precious armlets or a statement purse with this look. You can adjust the length of the nails according to your ease.

Mint Green

This is a very beautiful and chunky nail art design. The nails are long enough and have a coffin shape. The coffin shape can be idetified with a long length, tapered sides and flat ends. These nails have well maintained cuticles and nail shape. They have gel matte nail polish on them. The mint green colour looks very beautiful on the glowy well kept hands. The ring fingers of both hands have been beautifully ornated with rhinestones. The rhinestones leave no reason for jewellery and other embellishments. You can opt for different ornation in both hands or go for the smae design in both ring fingers. You can wear these nails to beach or concerts. It is a very versatile design for your nails. You can add different colours as the background of your ring finger nails.


This is a very subtle short length glat nail art design. This makes for a perfect match for formal settings. The nails are very well kept in this nail art design. The nails are shaped well. The flat nails do not prick anybosy so they are a safe option for having around kids and pets. The grey nail paint has a sheen which very few shades possess. The nail polish is a gel nail polish. You can glam these nails up with help of big rings or fancy armlets. You can add a sequined clutch if you choose to wear them to a concert or a club. They can also be worn with formal dresses and to official meetings.


This is a bright coloured nail art design. It is shiny yet elegant. It teems up well on your voyages. The round cut medium length nails are very beautiful. You can surely be the sure winner with least maintainence needs of this nail design. These blueberry nails are sure shot winner for the spring season. Just add the flowery touch to them. You can surely fetch some beautiful flowery embellishments for these nails or just add flower armlets to this look. You can wear these nails with flowery dresses or bows. Add a flower basket on your arm with those flowery frocks. Do not wear heavy rings or jewellery with this look. You can add bright rhinestones to it too.

We all have different moods and different looks to satisfy our moods. We have compiled such vast array of nail art designs to satisfy each of your moods and to compliment every occasion and every piece of dress you wear. You can surely add some glam accessories with these to make them look even more suited or just change the accessories as per the events, occassions or moments. For you cannot just go on having a  manicure every day. Do not forget to leave your nails without any nail paint in between the painting sessions. This ensures good health of your nails and the surrounding skin.

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