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Sleeves Design Tutorials for Blouse, Suit & Kameez

Paul Rand has said it that designs can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated. But as complicated as it may seem to us we have always know the easy drill.

As from giving that extra richness to making it an easier job to do we have got you all covered. Are you tired of all those old design things? You want to give your clothes an extra charm? Don’t worry just have the look at all these cool styles of sleeves to pair it on with any kurta/ blouse/ suit/ kameez.

Latest Sleeves (Baju) Design Cutting And Stitching With Net

  • Take a cloth and fold it. Mark all the marks according to your own measurement but do make sure to leave 1.5 inches gap for the stitching purpose. 
  • Mark 3.5 inches from one side snd give it a slanting shape and then cut the rest according to that design.
  • Join the marks of extra inches with dotted lines. Fold the cloth now.
  • Mark 2 inches (if you are bulky mark 3 inches) then give a circle shape till the end and then cut it.
  • Then mark the other side and cut it accordingly. Then place the cloth on a net cloth which is also doubled.
  • With the same design imprinted on the net cloth and mark the design (mark another design of 2 inches gap for stitching purpose).
  • Now fold the net cloth after it mark 1 inches from it and give the exact shape like that of sleeves.
  • Then cut a cloth stripe from the cloth piece and stitch it with net cloth for lace purpose.
  • Then from net cloth cut a stripe and stitch it on the other cloth piece by folding in order to make pleats.
  • Now cut another stripe of about 2.5 inches and stitch it along with the cloth from both side in order to get piping.
  • Do it for the other sleeves even. Giving the proper shape to the net cloth and place it downwards on the cloth and then stitch it.
  • From the middle part place a cloth string and stitch it from both sides.
  • You can even place pearls on the pleats to give that extra charm.

Hope you have enjoyed to make such intricate designs. To comprehend it more vividly do watch the following tutorial:

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Beautiful Sleeves (Baju) Designs Cutting And Stitching

  • Take a cloth and mark it according to your own size.
  • Leave 2 and 1 inches gap from every side always (for stitching purposes).
  • Then mark 3 inches from one inch and give it a half circle shape.
  • From downwards mark another point of 6 inches and join it and leave 2 inches gap again and cut it accordingly. Cut a slight mark on the middle of the design.
  • Take a buckram fabric and place it on cloth paper. And leave the mark and do make half circle and then make a design and on its outer edge mark it even.
  • Place the buckram fabric on another side and press it in order to get an imprint on the other side as well (this will make it easy to give an exact shape).
  • Now cut the buckram fabric according to the design and then place it on cloth.
  • If your buckram fabric isn’t having a pasting option then stitch it and then cut the cloth also according to the design.
  • Then fold it in the middle and mark it on the design and as well as on the cloth even then stitch it.
  • Now carefully cut the extra remaining cloth from the design and then turn it upside down.
  • You can place any lace of your choice and stitch it.

Hope you guys have liked these exquisite design while doing it. To comprehend it more lucidly do watch the following tutorial:

For more such amazing styles and creative designs keep reading FashionShala.

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