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Blouse Sleeve designs Cutting & Stitching Tutorial

Our women’s have all depicted the true sense of their patriotic nature by having an identity of their own by putting sarees. However, we always crave for a style most peculiar which will work during these times of modernity. We are the women who know how to walk with time and yet keep our roots grounded to the soil.

Women can have that gorgeous traditional look with simply an extra charm from the present times to mark out our progression despite having a sense of respect towards our identity as well. We can be the future yet we are the torch-bearers from the old game.

We can set a mark by putting on a saree in our traditional way and yet look modern by just the game of fusion aa they call it.

Let’s see some daintily and deftly created these following steps and videos to keep both our ethnicity and modernity alive within us.

Easy Method to Make Tulip Sleeve

Here are the following steps to get a quirky touch to our sleeves:

  • We will take a cloth and fold it four times.
    Take extra 2 inches for tulip sleeves.
  • We will give a normal shape from downwards and from shoulder point we will give it a tulip shape.
  • Now cut the remaining part.
  • We will now take lining and we will cut it same way like we did with the sleeves cloth.
  • Stitch lining and sleeves together.
  • We will upside down the sleeves now and stitch it again for a proper finishing.
  • Do it with all the four sides. We will cut extra cloth from it even and stitch it and similarly with the four pieces even.
  • Now we will take lace snd stitch it on the four pieces.
  • On two inches we will place the other side and stitch it.

Latest Stylish Sleeves Design for Blouse

Let us see how to make designer sleeves now by following these steps:

  • We will take the border of a saree and sleeves cloth. Border will be used for designing purpose.
  • Take the sleeves length according to our own size or choice.
  • We will leave one inch gap for stitching purpose and from downside we will mark 3.5 inches from where we will cut the sleeves in a round shape.
  • On the same shape we will cut the extra remaining cloth piece to.
  • We will now fold the gap of one inch that we left earlier.
  • If you want to add lining to it then just cut it according to the design like that of sleeves and then stitch it on the sleeves.
  • For the border cloth we will stitch it from both the side to avoid shabbiness from it.
  • Now we will take a small cloth piece of square shape for the design before that we will first stitch the sleeves.
  • We will take the straight side of the sleeves and fold it and then stitch it, we will same do it with the small square cloth we took and also with the saree’ border.
  • Now put this earlier square shaped cloth in the middle of the sleeves above 1.5 inches and stitch it.
  • We will now place the border on sleeves and then stitch it accordingly to the sleeves shape and stitch it and the place where we kept the cloth in middle we will mark that position in order to leave that much of gap and stitch the border on sleeves again from other side.
  • We will also turn from inside that small cloth and stitch it again to ensure it sets well.
  • Then round this cloth with the border and stitch it for proper lock.
  • Now cut the extra remaining cloth from the border and then place a button in the middle of the sleeves.

Hope these steps helped you easily to make stylish sleeve designs it very vividly.

Easy Sleeves Design Cutting & Stitching at Home

Let’s move quickly to next easy steps and see how much can we let our inner diva shine out:

  • We will take a cloth piece double and mark it and give it a shape.
  • Then finally cut the remaining cloth according to the design is left.
  • Now place it on the sleeves cloth and cut it according to the design.
  • We will now take the cloth extra and mark one one inch gap in a dotted lines.
  • Then we will join the lines in a straight line and from downwards we will leave two two inches gap and make a design on from one end to another till the end.
  • We will cut accordingly to the designs the extra remaining part of the cloth.
  • The remaining part that is left we will place it on the cloth and cut its extra edges and then this cloth we will keep on the another cloth and cut it according to the same design.
  • We will place the sleeves design on our sleeves cloth and then stitch it according to our design carefully.
  • Cut a cloth stripe and then stitch it on the design itself carefully and daintily.
  • We will then stitch the stripe from another side even and cut carefully the extra cloth.
  • Now take the sleeves and stitch them and take a cloth stripe and stitch it also on it and then even fold the stripe again and stitch it.
  • We will place one design on the other and then take a cloth stripe and cut it into a square shapes.
  • Fold it into very little shapes and then place it on the upper design and stitch it.
  • We will then place our design on the lower design and then stitch it.
  • Take another small square piece of cloth and place it on the middle portion of the sleeves.

For more easy steps and updates on how to keep a high profile with subtlety keep reading on FashionShala.

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