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How to Take a Relaxing Spa at Home?


What kind of products should be used to take body spa at home? I live in a small town, where there is no spa facility. Can you tell any homemade recipes?

– Sugandha Agarwal


To clean the skin first, mix milk powder, rose water and lemon juice and make paste and body scrub. This whole process will take 20-25 minutes. Wash it now. Grind 6 capsules of Vitamin E on the body. Massage the body oil after 10 minutes. Keep Dim Lights and Soft Music in this Massage. If there is no massage oil, sesame oil and olive oil 20-20 ml. Take a little saffron in it and heat it for 3 minutes and keep it covered. Use it after 10 minutes. Method of wrapping body – 1 cup black soil, add a little camphor, half a teaspoon sandal paste mixed in milk and keep it on for 20 minutes. Apply Moisturizer after washing with lukewarm water.

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