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Top 20 Stylish And Trendy Kurti Neck Designs

Indians have elaborate costumes for special occasions but they cannot be worn everywhere. Kurtis are one of those Indian dresses which are the comfortable go to dresses for every Indian girl or woman. We always find to trendify our daily attire. So, we bring to you some of those ways to set your kurtis apart from the lot and make yourself look prettier. In this article, we are going to cover it all from the bold to the subtle, from the shiny to the embroidered, from silks to satins, etc.

V-neck mirror defined neckline

This is a beautiful design. It is easy tk maintain after it is made. The buttoned up V-line is a comfortable wearable option. It does not require great guts to wear this design. The detailing with the foil work and silver thread js really beautiful. This can be teemed up with soft curls and silver jewellery. Subtle make-up look or fresh dewy no make-up look will look good with this kurti neck design

The round brocade neckline

This is the formal go to design. It is unique in its essence. The rounded neckline provides ease of movement. The buttoned down line is strategically placed on the side. It give the sleek look of a progressive lady. You can teem it up with small jewellery pieces. Neat hairdo will compliment this neck design. Light blush and lip colour will look very good with it.

The V-neckline with quirky button line

V-necline might seem a very simple thing to you for a kurti but this one is a bit diiferent. This is surely a v-neck, but with the button tape on the bottom edge of the way. It is made different in that way. These buttons are just superficial. Teem this kurti neck design with a beautiful locket and stud earrings. Open hair would compliment this look. Light make-up would be a great add-on.

Round neck with buttoned up shoulder seam

This is another example of simplicity rocking it. This round neck is a wonderful creation. It comes with patterned sleeves and buttons on the shoulder seam. This simple yeat designer neckline makes for a perfect daily wear. Pair it up with chains and rings. A neat bun will look good with this. Add a glair of shimmer in the make-up to make this look jazzy. Line your eyes with kohl or liner for the maximum dramatic effect.

The collared designer neckline

This is another kurti design which is very much made for your office. If you are a working woman, this will suit you the best. Its neckline gives a blazer effect at the top with the high collar of the kurti and the pattern around it. Pair it up with a messy bun and kohl rimmed eyes. Fresh face of no make-up look will suffice your attire. Gem based jewellery will add up the required bling.

Sideways fold neckline

This is known as angrakha design sans the dori. Tjis design is simple. No sleeves are there, you can get sleeves attached to the bodice if you wish to. It has an angular overlap on the side and the same opens in a cut at the bottom. You can pair it up with open hair or a messy bun with light jewellery.

The V-neck with broad lace and piping

This is a very formal look yet it can be worn at small gatherings and parties. The neckline is easy to carry and provides the wearer with required amount of grace. The neck is not so deep. The border continues for a great length. The contrasting piping along the lace makes it more beautiful. You can pair it up with loose curls. Small studd earrings will look great with this. A locket as a neck piece and armlets in both the arms will make this attire delectable.

The bright piping round neck kurti

This is a brightening effect we can easily give to dull kurtis. The piping design on the neck is strategically placed to brighten up your face. The button lapels all along the length of the full sleeves of this kurti make this piece worth your money. You can choose contrasting colours in bright shade for this design. You can pair it up witha pony tail or a messy bun. Light makeup will be preferred. There is no need of jewellery pieces but you can still go for rings, armlets etc.

The collared neck with hook tape

This is a sleek design for formal settings and daily wear. It is elegant and sophisticated kurti neck design. The embroidered portions all along the neck and the sleeve ends enhance this kurti’s beauty to a greater level. The flowery design is surely a big hit. The bright piping at the top of the collar looks very good. This look will be very well complimented with neat and sleek bun and studd earrings. Pair it up with a bright lip colour.

Side cut with bright piping

This is a different kind of a angrakha design. It has a side cut which gives a bold streak to this otherwise simple design. The bright piping at the raw edges defines the design further more. You can pair it up very well with a messy bun and solid gem earrings. A chain in the neck will look good. You can wear a subtle bindi with a somewhat nude make-up. Wear some bangles with it, they will enhance the beauty of this attire.

The side fold neck design

This is a very different kind of a kurti neck design. The high fold at the neck with the darker side up is a new idea to be assimilated in your wardrobe. Give the same fold to the ends of your sleeves. The button tape at the bottom of the fold of the neck will give it a complete look. Pair it up with open hair or a loose pony tail. A brush of makeup with a bright shade of lip colour. A brush of accessories will surely accentuate your attire. It is a perfect choice for daily wear.

Round neck with side button tape

This is a simple yet elegant design. It is a good design for formal outings, with your boss, colleagues or your child’s teacher. Just wear this and rock it. The superficial loop buttons and the long button tape is a great add on. You can decide the types of buttons and the length of the button tape. You can even choose to get buttons of a different colour as well as the piping on the button tape. This can be well complimented with a neat and sleek bun with light jewellery. Wear a dark lip colour with a brush of foundation and concealer.

The high neck with no sleeves and a deep slit below the collar

This is a good yet daring design to choose from. With no sleeves it requires you to have confidence to glaunt your staunch shoulders. The deep slit below the high collar at the neck is gracious. You can surely decide the depth of this slit. A button at the top marks the end of the slit. You can beautifully wear it with loose curls and glam makeup. Add statement earrings to it to make it a party wear. Without statement earrings it can be worn in your daily routine.

Bicolour folding collar

This is a new design. You need a brave heart to wear this. We all our life yearn for symmetry but this kurti neck design defies our love for symmetry. It has a shirt type design collar and angrakha style as we go down. The angrakha slit ends in a dori with embroidered detailing all over it. The collar at the top has two different colours inside. This gives you the liberty to choose from two different coloured accessories with this kurti. Wear it with open or tied up hair. Keep the make up to a nude shade. You can add minimalist elements of jewellery.

The classic round neck with long button tape

This has a classic neck design with a round cut. It is a not a bold show, just a different kind of a button tape. This kurti add class to your plain jane look. The button tale extends to the bottom of the kurti. The 3/4 sleeves of the kurti end in beautiful lace work. You can teem it up with a messy bun with statement earrings. Red lip would be a perfect choice with a black bindi. Keep the blush on an undertone.

The jacket style flared up neck design

This is one of the best designs of the upcoming year. This is a kurti which makes it look like a jacket is worn over the kurti. The neck design is very beautiful with the layers showing up at the neck which leaves no reason to wear a neck piece. The wmbroidered sides of the jacket piece look very beautiful. You can beautifully teem it up with a neat heairdo with statement earrings. Give yourself a brush of glam with the strokes of makeup.

The round neck with lace and dori design

A beautiful design in the offering, it is beautifully adorned with lace. This round neck design has a slit which is tied at the top with the help of the dori. The lace lines the slit and enhances other parts of the kurti too. Teem it up with loose hair. A brush of foundation and concealer with a pink blush accompanied by a pink lip colour would do. Statement earrings with silver bangles will be the optimal choice. Go on shine the world like yourself with this new addition to your wardrobe.

The high collar with V-slit closed with a button

This is a formal kurti design. The neck design is made from a different coloured cloth than the kurti. The sleeves also have their end parts in that different cloth. The collar has a v-slit which is closed using a button. You can gracefully wear this to formal settings. Teem it up with neat and sleek bun with minimalist jewellery. Just add a dash of makeup to brighten up the look.

The round neck with triangular cutouts

This kurti has a different design altogether. It has a simple round neck yet it comes with two sequence of triangular cutouts below the border of the neck. The cutouts give it a western look and make it a perfect choice for parties and birthdays too. Teem it up with a messy bun and a dash of makeup. Wear statement earrings and rings on your fingers. Armlets will eb abeautiful addition to this attire.

The classic round neck with v-neck slit

A classic puece yet beautiful enough. It has a classic round neck and a v-slit. The side pleats look good. The wmbroidery at the side panels add more beauty to it. Teem it up with a messy hairdo. Red lip colour and bindi will be the best additions to this attire with some bangles.

These all were some of the very good kurti neck designs. Looking forward to you flaunting all of them in this year. May you be the queen of your dreams and live that way forever.

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